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Elon Musk Disagrees with His Own Fact-Checking Tool

X CEO Elon Musk has found himself in an argument with Community Notes. It started when Musk posted a complaint about his new laptop requiring a Microsoft account for setup. He further stated concerns about granting Microsoft AI access to his computer by signing in or creating an account. He expressed his unpleasant experience, saying, “this is messed up” and there used to be an option to skip the sign-in process.

Elon Musk Arguing with Community Notes

Musk’s post received a Community Note challenging his claim. The note said that it was still possible to setup the latest version of Windows without Microsoft account. Musk, however, contested this claim, arguing that the “option no longer exists”. This response itself received another Community Note, clarifying that the option remains available through some tweaks that might be too difficult for an “average Andy”.

Community Notes is a user-driven platform that facilitates social media interaction through crowdsourcing. It allows users who meet specific criteria, such as prolonged platform usage and verified phone numbers, to contribute contextual notes to potentially misleading posts. If enough contributors from diverse viewpoints rate a specific note as helpful, it becomes publicly displayed alongside the original post. It offers additional information or clarifying any inaccuracies.

However, Community Notes still faces some challenges. A few of such notes can be inaccurate, requiring ongoing scrutiny. Several reports have found that approved notes receive much less visibility compared to the original, potentially misleading content. Apart from that, Musk has always praised the accuracy of Community Notes. So, now him accusing of them being wrong is hilarious.

Approaching Microsoft CEO

Disappointed with his platform’s fact-checking tool, the space giant reached out to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Musk replied under a post where Nadella was announcing Microsoft’s collaboration with Mistral AI. Musk casually suggested the Microsoft CEO to allow people set up a new Windows PC without a Microsoft account. He told him that this option disappeared if the computer was connected to WiFi. He also pointed out that even if one wanted to sign up, it won’t allow the use of a work email address, which was the only type of email address he had.

The social media users had a great time watching this celebrity-level tech support. Many also posted jokes and memes. Some even wondered if Musk will buy an Operating System of his own now. It was like 2022, when Musk was trolled for purchasing Twitter (now known as X) for 44 billion USD. Many made fun of him being a spoiled rich brat who bought a successful business to change it as he pleased. Now, his financial status is again in the spotlight for making a higher approach possible.

Problem Solved

The Tesla boss’ problem was finally resolved thanks to one of the community members. A social media user helped him bypass the mandatory account creation step for using Windows PC. He pointed out that the laptop was automatically connected to a local Wi-Fi network, which led to the Windows asking for account information. Musk was able to skip creating an account by deselecting the Wi-Fi option.

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