Friday, December 2, 2022

HoursTV Writing Guidelines

HoursTV is an emerging news website and YouTube channel that brings in content on diverse subject matters. The platform aims to provide the audience with stuff which is entertaining and also highlights the social and cultural issues of the society that matter the people through informative content.
With talent hunt project HoursTV intends to provide a platform to the content creators who have a talent and want to show it. Eligible video content will be posted on HoursTV YouTube channel and winners will be rewarded with monetary prize and future collaborations with the platform.

What the Winner Will Get?

The winners of the HoursTV Talent Hunt will get a Prize Money.

  1. The first winner will get Prize Money of 20,000 Rs.
  2. The second and third winners will get the prize money of 6000 Rs. Along with HoursTV Merchandise.
  3. The winners will also get future collaboration or even a chance to work with HoursTV on long term basis

How the Winner will be selected?

The rule of thumb for selecting the winners is the number of views. Videos that will have more number of views and shares will be winner. The stats for the videos will be shared on the HoursTV competition page, once the videos are uploaded on HoursTV YouTube channel.

Who Can Apply for HoursTV Talent Hunt Program

Anyone with a talent and ability to make entertaining, informative and thought provoking content can submit their content. There is no restriction in term of age, gender, or ethnicity.
Note that there is no registration fee or any kind of submission fees. The applicants can submit their video if it fulfills the following requirements.

What the video content should be all about?

  1. Standup Comedy: If you think that you are equipped with the talent of making the audience laugh with your one liners or creating humor on things relatable to the viewer’s then make a video that portrays this skill. You don’t need to perform something in front of the audience. Just make a video in free style and express something in funny way.
  2. Singing: Do you have a voice melodious enough to impress the listeners then here is your chance. Make a video of yourself singing your favorite song and send to us. Make sure that there is no background music. You can play the instruments though, while singing the song.
  3. Mimicry: If you are good at mimicking anyone (politicians, celebrities, or any daily life character), then make a short video and send for the HoursTV Talent Hunt program. Just make sure to not use content that can humiliate or disrespect anyone in any way.
  4. Vlog on Social, Political of Cultural Issues: If you think that you are capable of doing commentary on any political and social issue then make a vlog and voice your concerns. Such vlogs include speaking on the issues related to economy, social issues (inequality, poverty, gender related problems and faults regarding health, education and transport sectors etc.). Your commentary can be serious as well as funny, depending upon what you can pull off the best.
  5. Culture: In this category, you can record your commentary regarding travel, tourism, film, food, art, fashion, lifestyle and different festivals. You can send us the videos of the public events you have covered as well.
  6. Diverse Subject Matter: Apart from the above mentioned categories, you can submit your video entries related to any other subject matter you are an expert of, or you are capable of expressing an opinion (either verbal or through some artistic means).

What the Videos Shouldn’t Have?

Your videos shouldn’t have following things.

  1. There should be no plagiarism. Your work should be 100% original.
  2. Don’t send videos from other platforms like TikTok or Likee.
  3. The videos shouldn’t have any background music.
  4. The videos shouldn’t have any adult or pornographic content.
  5. The videos shouldn’t have content that could be disrespecting or humiliating any religion in any way.
  6. The video shouldn’t have any hate speech directed at any gender, ethnic group or any religious group.
  7. The video shouldn’t have abusive words or filthy language.

Duration of the Video

Your video should be minimum 4 minutes to 10 minutes long. For commentary, or events coverage the duration of video can be longer than 10 minutes.

How to Upload the Videos?

You can upload the on WeTransfer and then share the WeTransfer link in following form. You can also send your videos on


  1. The video once submitted will be the sole property of HoursTV YouTube channel.
  2. The video will be available for the public view.
  3. Anyone who gets to view the video will be able to share the video further on their social media platform.
  4. HoursTV will not take the responsibility of the any sorts of comments by viewers shared under the video on YouTube or shared on social media platforms related to the video, by any other person.
  5. HoursTV doesn’t intend to use the data of candidates who submit their video entries in any way. The platform will use your data like name you give while submitting the video, your email address, phone number or any other contact information you share to only contact with you in future. The platform will not share your data any other party.
  6. Please submit your video once you have read the guidelines (with all the above mentioned sections).

Terms and Conditions for Content Submission
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