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Terms of Usage

These “Terms of Use” govern the use of the website These terms are subject to change. By using this site, you agree to them.

  • You are bound to abide by the terms defined on this page when using These conditions come into effect as soon as you start using this website. In case you do not agree to any of these requirements, in part or in full, please do not access or use this site.
  • The website and its management are not bound by law to give notification before making changes to its terms and conditions. Please make sure to read these terms and conditions before using this website. It is your responsibility to remain updated on the terms of use for

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We have created this website to provide you with the latest news. You agree that you only use this site for legal purposes. You do not indulge in any activity which may breach any law. You agree that you are not involving yourself in any behaviour which may intimidate, harass, distress, or bring inconvenience to other users. You agree not to use offensive language, transmit obscene content, and disrupt the ongoing conversations or dialogue between users.

Intellectual Property Rights

The international intellectual property laws protect and govern the use of This protection against theft of intellectual rights includes among other things the following items.

  • The logo of the website.
  • The design, theme and other elements which make up for the overall layout.
  • The content shared on the site, which may include text, images, videos and other items. If we choose to publish content from some other website, you must give due credit to the source.

Denial of User Access to the website

You as a user understand that management can choose to temporarily or permanently block your access. We may block access of a user to the website for any of the given below reasons among others.

  • The user is abusing the given right of usage.
  • The user is spamming on the website.
  • The user is not listening to any warnings by the webmaster of abstaining from activities hampering other site users.
  • This ban may also include barring users from uploading content like images or text due to inappropriate online behaviour.

For Advertisements

We are always looking for opportunities to partner with leading brands and businesses online. team wants to create a mutually rewarding ecosystem for all its stakeholders. Advertisers are always looking for publishers who can provide them with opportunities to bring their brand to the forefront. Get in touch with our advertising team at advertising [at] to get your advertisement placed on Please read our terms and conditions below for placing an ad with

  1. We consider all ads for appropriateness before making them live.
  2. The decision of our team for placing advertisements is final.
  3. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of our ad policy.
  4. This page may not cover all requirements here. Therefore, you would have to remain updated on the latest requirements.
  5. Above everything else and besides pricing, we would have to ensure relevance for all our advertisements. Therefore, we may at any time cancel your advertisement and forfeit any payment.
  6. Any advertisement considered inappropriate before it has been published on our website or even after getting published can be cancelled at any time. The payment may or may not be refunded depending on our advertising team’s decision.

User Generated Content

Users are advised to go through the terms of usage before interacting with our website.’s management scrutinises all user generated content. We want to make sure that all our audiences can enjoy a good time at our site without offending other website users.

We may choose to temporarily or permanently block your account access due to any of the following reasons (among other).

  • You are creating obscene or offensive content which is propagating hatred towards others.
  • You are interrupting user experience of our website.
  • You are using our site for spamming purposes or in any other way disrupting the normal functioning of the site.
  • You are not using the right language to address other users.
  • You are trying to build links on our site without adding any real value.

Our Commenting Policy

  • com reserves the right to edit, moderate or delete any comment at its discretion.
  • We encourage our readers to participate in a positive and constructive discussion without crossing any ethical boundaries or code of conduct.
  • If you have any ideas which you would like to share to make more interactive regarding commenting, please share with us at comment [at[
  • We may change our commenting policy at any time. Please stay updated, so you know what you are commenting on and how will it be moderated in the future
  • Avoid making personal attacks on other users. There is a fine line between attacking a person and discussing an issue with all sobriety.
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  • Please do not use the right to remain anonymous to bully other users.
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Terms and Conditions and Compliance with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

HoursTV will comply with the takedown notice for DMCA. However, you will need to provide the following information with complete details.

  • The physical or electronic signature of the work protected under the copyright law.
  • You need to provide acomplete description and the manner in which the content is infringing upon your copyright.
  • Please do not forget to provide your complete contact details including telephone, email, and postal address.
  • A statement by you in person (the individual sending down the takedown notice) that you are sending accurate information and the copyright either belong to you or you have legal authority to represent the person who owns the copyrights.