Friday, April 19, 2024
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About Us

HoursTV emerges at a time when media organisations paddle specific agendas by reporting the actual story.

For us, our audience is above and beyond everything else. We want to provide you with the real story. We achieve this transparency by adhering to the correct values of journalism.

These values define HoursTV’s approach towards journalism.


An independent media outlet can bring true stories to its audience. HoursTV is independent of any agenda, hidden motive, theme, or affiliation of any kind. We make every effort to avoid conflict of interest. Our approach exhibits accuracy, truthfulness, and balance. We follow this method for all types of news items related to any entity, individual, organisation, celebrity, or person. We avoid any situation which may result in conflict.


Media organisations including online publishers are answerable to their audiences. We at take this responsibility very seriously. Our openness to constructive criticism is the pinnacle of our self-accountability culture. A strong code of ethics helps us overcome any ethical dilemmas we might face.

Public Interest

A guiding principle for publishing news is keeping public interest in perspective. We publish news which would interest a large percentage of the audience as opposed to writing for a minority. We ensure each story posted gathers public interest and is worthy of the audiences’ while.


HoursTV does not represent any one side’s opinion. We are not here to pitch one side against the other. The representation of ideas and news items in black and white is crucial to our journalistic ethos. By allowing our journalistic instincts to take over the driving seat, we can deliver a diversified opinion. This way we only report to you events that occurred while keeping our opinions (if any) under the wraps.