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What Are the 7 Seas and 5 Oceans of the World

The exact number of seas and oceans in the world is no less than enigma. It is more like a matter of history and myth rather than a matter of fact. In modern times, 5 oceans of the world are not the same as they used to be in ancient times. Even, there is a difference of terminology as well.

So, What Are the 5 Oceans of the World

Let’s begin with definition to highlight the difference between an ocean and the sea at first place. Ocean is usually larger than sea. Contrary to this, a sea is not only smaller than ocean but also its part. It is usually enclosed by the continents. One should also note that every single water body that ends with the suffix sea is not necessarily a sea. For example, Caspian Sea and Black sea are large salt water lakes and not really sea for not being a part of an oceans.

Now Lets have a look at the 5 Oceans of the World.

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean is the largest among all the five oceans of the world . It is situated on Eastern side of America and on the western side of Asia and Australia. On Northern and Southern sides, it is further capped by the North and South Arctics.

Atlantic Ocean

This is the second largest ocean of the world. Located on the western side of the Europe, Atlantic Ocean includes the Baltic sea, Caribbean sea and Mediterranean Sea. It is also bound to Arctics in North and South.

Indian Ocean

This third largest ocean in the world is separated from Atlantic ocean by Southeast Asia and Australia. It covers an area between Africa, middle East and India. The Indian Ocean is linked to continents that have been home to a variety of flora and fauna on this planet. In fact, the area is of great historic importance for being home to ancient civilisations and trade routes.

Arctic Ocean

Arctic Ocean which is surrounded by the North Eurasian and American continents is the smallest among 5 oceans of the world. It includes Bay of Hudson and Barents Seas that remain covered with the ice.

Southern Ocean

Southern Ocean was earlier considered a part of the other oceans but it was classified as the separate ocean in early 2000s. It also joins the parts of Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. Southern Ocean also influences the Earth’s weather up to great extent.

Seven Seas in the World

As mentioned about seas are smaller than oceans. In fact, they are a part of them. In ancient times there was no distinction between seas and oceans; were considered the same thing. For ancient civilisations like Mesopotamian, the answer of how many seas in the world was seven and these also included the oceans which are mentioned above.

The other names in seven seas include Red Sea, Mediterranean sea, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea. But there are no distinct seven seas. Very often they are named with the 5 oceans of the world.

What is sure and has everyone’s agreement is the fact that oceans are the larger bodies of water, they are five in number and seas which are not completely enclosed by continents are their parts.

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