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Amazon Prime Day 2022 dates are Out Along with Products on Sale

In the era of online shopping, sales, and discounts, Amazon users have been waiting for the company’s biggest shopping event. The firm announced the dates for Amazon Prime day 2022. The event will last for 48 hours from July 12 and 13. The mega sale event is ready to bring products, offers, and deals for the users. People can expect discounted products including tech, fashion, and other items. Also, prime is offering the products of other companies along with its own in the sale event. Before the actual day, users can have a look at the pre-Amazon Prime day deals to get an idea of what the big show is bringing in the coming days. 

Top Amazon Prime Day 2022 Pre-Deals 

In the technology department, Amazon Prime day is bringing a lot of stuff including LEDs, apple products like air pods and iPads, Samsung products as in buds2, and lastly smartphones. The product prices are announced but there is a good concession on them. Air Pods pro is going to be sold for $174.99 at the Amazon prime day sale. The pods have some features like automatic switching and spatial audio. There is a 30% discount on it. For the Apple lovers, the Apple watch SE is going to be on the display too for $299.00. The upgraded version has advanced health and fitness tracking features. Other than that, Buyer with interest in headphones can buy Sony WH-1000XM4 which are believed to be the perfect travel headphones that are good for providing good sound and comfort. The price of the headset is currently $278.00 but an offer of less cost will be revealed on the prime sale day. 

Google Pixel 6 Pro Smartphone

Google phones are quite charming given their specifications and the Google pixel 6 pro is getting much attention from the smartphone users who prefer performance more than anything else. The actual price of the phone currently stands at $791.58 but the customers can save 12% by getting in on Amazon prime day.

Samsung Flagships

Samsung flagship phones are going to be displayed under a good price structure on amazon prime day 2022. The new galaxy Samsung S22 and S22 ultra which are the flagship phones of Samsung will be the phones that s-series admirers might want to consider buying at the event. The simple S22’s current price is $699.99 and the ultra comes under the cost of $999.99. However, people can save 18% on Galaxy S22 and 23% on S22 ultra. 

Fashion Deals

The prime day is bringing a lot of fashion deals including clothes, shoes, and accessories. Like last year, people can expect Astr label to Alice + Olivia styles dresses that are worth spending money on. This year might put fun and playful styling shoes including sportswear, Aquazzura heels, Soludos sandals, and other branded products for males and females. Ladies can get designer bags belonging to different categories on Amazon Prime day 2022. 

No Shopping Without Amazon Prime 

In order to enjoy all the services of Amazon Prime day 2022, people must have Prime. Or else they won’t be able to benefit themselves with prime day sales, free shipping, and discounts. And those who have the subscription, can just make a list of what they want and wait for the big day to come.

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