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Chris Gayle Does Shalwar Challenge Better Than Googly

The famous PSL 6 cricketer Chris Gayle representing Quetta Gladiators, recently performed a task involving a drawstring that he had to put into a trouser. Similar to the previous googly challenge, his video became popular among sports fans. Also, several cricketers followed Gayle and performed the googly activity to entertain the cricket and PSL 6 fans. Now that Chris has acknowledged, accepted, and completed the Shalwar challenge, it is expected to become a trend among people, especially cricket personalities. Besides, the public is appreciating the fact that the international sportsmen are indulging in this fun activity to amuse the super league spectators and enthusiasts.

Why Is Shalwar Challenge So Fascinating for the Public? 

The Shalwar, as well as the googly challenge, are something that the Pakistani public do and witness every day. However, what they don’t see is international stars doing the same Pakistani stuff. Thus, when Chris Gayle managed to put a drawstring through a trouser, the fans supposedly found it amusing.  

The people who watched the shalwar challenge of the Quetta Gladiators representative were amazed and entertained. As per different opinions, the most humorous part of the clip was when Gayle saw how big the trouser was. He constantly made jokes about its size it was huge. Other than that, the fans also found it hilarious when Chris put on the trouser after completing the challenge. 

Are These Challenges Promoting PSL 2021?

Everything related to PSL 6 attracts a wide range of audiences. Seemingly, the shalwar challenge along with the previous googly one are also contributing greatly to the PSL 2021’s promotion. The spectators and social media users don’t let anything skip their sight. For instance, the latest Lahore Qalandar match was a significant piece of attraction. The social media crawlers turned it into a Funny PSL memes trend. Hence, the two famous challenges became the center of attraction for the Pakistan super league devotees. 

Previously, Pakistan super league posted the fast bowler Hassan Ali’s googly challenge video on Twitter and multiple platforms. Due to this, many people also participated in the ongoing trend that helped in promoting the super league to a great extent.

What Does Public Think?

People in Pakistan presented with a diversity of opinions about how the universal boss, Gayle was doing shalwar challenge for his fans. Although, many made jokes about the videos too. As per some individuals, the people of Pakistan somehow managed to make the universal boss do Pakistani stuff which he had never dreamt of. 

Aside from mocking and joking, a massive number of Pakistanis admired how Chris Gayle embraced the Pakistani cultural task and pursued it well.  

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Ahmad Akbar
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