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7 Funny PSL Memes Describe The State Of Lahore Qalandars

Lahore Qalandars opened Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 6 with two mind-blowing victories against super teams. PSL viewers are stunned by this team’s performance that has improved visibly this season. Over the years, Lahore’s team has been the most prominent meme material regarding the PSL tournament. Most of the PSL memes threw some sort of sucker punch toward the ill-fated team. Qalandars may have been highly enthusiastic and hard-working but they just couldn’t get the job done. This has led many cricket fans to laugh at their failures but after the last two games, Qalandars may have answered back some of the memes.

PSL Memes Shaken Up By Lahore Qalandars

Lahore has been impressive in its first two matches of the tournament. The first one was against Peshawar Zalmi on 21st February, which Lahore won by 4 wickets and 9 balls remaining. The second was against Quetta Gladiators on 22nd February that ended with Lahore winning by 9 wickets and 10 balls remaining.

These teams have impaled Qalandars in the field but this time it was different. It was Qalandars turn to surprise everyone by producing great results and funny PSL memes.

Supporters Demand No More PSL Memes On Lahore

PSL memes often highlighted the unwavering loyalty inside the supporters of Lahore Qalandars. Despite series of humiliating losses, the supporters have continued to stand beside Qalandars through thick and thin. Now some memes are praising the heart of Lahore fans for sticking through all of the abuse, mockery, and embarrassment. They surely deserve some love for their persistent support.

Lahore At The Top For The First Time

The team has finally rewarded the devotion of its supporters by topping the league for the first time in the history of this tournament.

To The Moon

Fans could not help but wonder how the owner Fawad Rana would feel right now. He has suffered immense pain from his team for the last 5 years, for which many PSL memes were dedicated to him. However, this time he may feel like on the moon. Many experts have predicted that if Lahore kept its early lead, it could win the whole tournament.

Even David Weise has warned all other teams to watch out because Lahore is not a bottom contender anymore.

Hope In Lahore Restored

Even those who criticized Lahore for losing matches so easily have started to like the team. Some are even rooting for it this season.

Making Way For Less Humiliating PSL Memes

These both victories at the start of the league have given Lahore an advantage in terms of the tournament and online recognition. Now there will probably be fewer trolls going after Lahore for poor performances. Instead, the PSL memes are getting more creative now.

Is It Superficial To Expect Lahore Can Win The PSL Tournament?

While there was immense support for Qalandars, there were those who took Lahore’s wins as a temporary sensation that will soon fade away. So, they decided to spray some of the negativity to dismember the confidence of Lahore’s supporters. They would probably continue making PSL memes to embarrass Lahore’s fans.

It was a great head start for Lahore considering how dangerous the rest of the teams are in comparison. It is going to be very tough for Qalandars to hold their own against these monsters, let alone win the final on 22nd March 2021.

Hard to say whether Lahore Qalandars would finally be able to get the elusive trophy. According to the PSL schedule, Lahore’s next match will be against Multan Sultans on 26th February.

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