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Community Supports Sana Javed After Bullying at PSL Match

Pakistani actress Sana Javed has been facing an unsettling criticism ever since getting married to the national cricketer Shoaib Malik. However, this Sunday, things went way far from just online trolling. She attended a Pakistan Super League (PSL) game between Karachi Kings (KK) against Multan Sultans (MS) to show her support for her husband. Malik was playing for KK, who lost by 55 runs to MS. While at the stadium, Javed was subjected to a group of spectators chanting “Sania Mirza”, whom Malik had separated from earlier this year.

The incident, captured on video, has sparked nationwide outrage. Many have come in support of Javed and condemned the heckling. However, there are also those who thought she deserved it as they somehow deem her responsible for destroying Malik and Mirza’s relationship. In either case, the incident highlighted how it is the women who often bear the brunt of public scrutiny and online vitriol, while men get away scot-free.

Sana Javed Receives Different Treatment Than Shoaib Malik

The screaming of Malik’s ex-wife’s name targeted at Javed, reflected a deeply ingrained social bias. It was a cheap shot at public shaming the actress for marrying Malik. Many social media users shunned the heckling as wrong on both ethical and factual grounds. They supported Javed, asking how the divorce between Malik and Mirza was her fault.

Throughout the saga, Javed’s character was brutally attacked, while Malik received lighthearted jokes. Comments fueled by toxic masculinity and unbridled misogyny specifically targeted Sana Javed. The fact that she is a woman, subconsciously lead some folks to judge her more harshly. Moreover, in case of divorce and remarriage, only women face labels like “homewrecker” while men enjoy more freedom. This also fuels the online toxicity that spills over into real-life like the PSL incident.

Hecklers did not do their Research Properly

Shockingly, the hate against Sana Javed is also based on false information. If “homewrecker” theory is powering the inappropriate remarks, then they will not age well. Shoaib Malik announced his marriage to the actor on social media on 20 January, which shocked the internet. In response, the tennis icon publicly expressed her congratulations and well-wishes for the new couple. In an official statement shared by Team Sania on Instagram, she revealed that her and Shoaib had parted ways several months prior to the announcement of this wedding.

The Mirza family acknowledged Mirza’s decision to maintain privacy regarding her personal life until recently, when the necessity arose to clarify the status of her relationship with Shoaib. According to reports, Mirza’s father, Imran Mirza, confirmed that she exercised her legal rights under Islamic law, known as ‘khula’, to initiate the divorce proceedings against Malik.

So, there can be no excuse to justify the behavior against Javed at that PSL match. It was plain and simple bullying of a woman for no reason.

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