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Significant parts of the Disclaimer.

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  • The use of the information collected by
  • The use of the personally identifiable information to get in touch with our readers. makes every effort to ensure that your personally identifiable information remains safe. When you are visiting any of the websites with their links on, you need to read their privacy policies as we cannot be held liable for your interaction with those websites in any manner imaginable.

The Information Collected by

You may choose to subscribe to, its newsletter or any other services in any manner of your choice. This information helps to provide you with the services you selected.

Sharing of Personally Identifiable Information

The information collected by does not go beyond the confines of the products or services provided. We hate spam like you do, and we promise not to share your personal information with anyone else. The only time we share your data with any third party is with your own consent. The other time when we have to share this information is when the laws or regulations make it mandatory.

Ways of using Personally Identifiable Information

These are some of the common uses of the personal information collected by

  • To improve the quality of news service and any other allied services we may wish to provide in the future.
  • For notifying users in the change of the service provided.
  • Contact our readers because they have filled the contact us form.
  • To track IP addresses for placement of cookies.
  • To identify locations of users based on their IP addresses to discontinue disruptive or abusive use of the website in wrongful manners considered inappropriate by management.
  • For analysis and improvement of services provided by to the website visitors.

In the case of a use of your information for any purpose, will notify you in advance to get your consent before sharing the info.

Reasons for to Contact You

These are some of the reasons for to get in touch with you.

  • When ensuring a service you subscribed for, provided by, guaranteeing its proper and timely delivery.
  • For any contributions, guest posts, articles or other types of content you may wish to share at your own discretion and responsibility for its originality, authenticity, and fitness for the purpose of ordinary public consumption without offending or creating unnecessary legal liabilities.
  • To opt for receiving of newsletters and any other type of correspondence.
  • For inviting our readership or users to participate in different types of opinion polls, surveys, or other voluntary participation.
  • For fulfilling any contractual obligations between you and
  • For marketing purposes if you have already given your consent to let contact you. Policy for Contacting for Marketing strongly believes in not intruding privacy of the subscribers or readers it caters to. This is why we only contact readers when they have allowed us to do so.

Unsuitable, Unreasonable, Offensive or Inappropriate Content

We advise our readers to immediately get in touch with if you find any of the content written on our website as offensive. Please do not engage in any inappropriate behaviour because of this content. We may choose to publish your personal information and make it public if you choose not to stop behaving inappropriately.

Users Under Age of 13

All the users under the age of 13 years must never use without the permission of their parents. If you do not have permission from your parent or guardian, you cannot use our website or provide any persona information to us. In the case of breach you and your parents or guardians will be responsible.

How may Long retain your personal information?

It depends on the type of information and the longer we think it is necessary. For unsubscribing to any of our services, you can use the unsubscribe button inside. This way you can cancel the subscription at any time. But your personal information is safe with us and will only be used for legal purposes and not for any other purpose without your consent.

Right to Personal Info Saved by

As a subscriber or reader or someone who interacted with, you can always request the personal information we have stored about you. Although we make an effort not to store any information without a reason so in case your requested is not catered to, your information has probably already been deleted.

Changes To Our Policies

The privacy policy, terms of use, disclaimer and any other pages may change at any time without any prior notification to any party. Therefore, you are requested to stay updated as will be not held responsible for any repercussions or implications for you or your business or any other entity.

Cookies Policy chooses to use cookies to store personal information anonymously. This information helps us personalise your website user experience. Therefore, agreeing to cookies policy of will ensure a uniform and more personalised website viewing experience for different types of services like weather updates.

Comments Policy

You are allowed to positively participate in the conversation. But any offensive content or comment due to any reason felt inappropriate by’s management will be immediately deleted without giving any reason. We are not liable to answer to anyone for the way we moderate content generated by users. Also, we choose to temporarily or permanently ban a user from visiting the website in case their website usage behaviour is not in confines of normal website usage as commonly understood by internet users globally.

If you have any questions about any of our policies, please get in touch at hours tvadmin [at]