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HoursTV User Data Policy With Respect To GDPR

Our Privacy Policy is in line with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). We abide by GDPR and don’t store, control, or process user data without user consent unless required by law.

Here the latest user data protection policy of HoursTV according to GDPR. We have explicitly explained how we get users’ data and how we treat it.

  • If users subscribe to our newsletter, we only have their name and email address.
  • If users leave a comment and create content for the website, then only information we have is their name, surname and email address they provide us. And, also any personal information they leave in the comments with all their willingness and consent
  • We don’t enforce users to subscribe to our newsletter and leave their email address with the help of an opt-out box. Users subscribe to our services by giving us information about email address and their name with all their consent.
  • We don’t store user data except when a user subscribes to the newsletter that too to send them emails about our latest products and services.
  • We also don’t sell whatever user data we have, to any third party.
  • When the users unsubscribe to our service, that doesn’t mean we don’t have their names, surnames and email addresses anymore. Hence, to make sure that HoursTV doesn’t have relevant user’s data required for sending emails to subscribers, users must request the data deletion.
  • As per GDPR, we are bound to disclose and delete whatever user information we have, upon user request.

This page dictates the privacy policy of It comprehensively covers the various aspects of information collection, usage, and treatment. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand it and accordingly comply. is not liable to notify any stakeholder before updating this policy.

HoursTV does accept user-generated content. However, it complies with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). We at this moment abide by DMCA, taking every take down notice seriously. Please use the below-given contact us form if you think a piece of content on HoursTV infringes upon your copyrights. Kindly include an evidence suggesting that you are the rightful owner of the content and it does infringe on your copyrights. When you choose to send us proof, please make sure that it is complete in every sense. The HoursTV team will let take action against content that it considers infringing copyrights while adhering to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s terms and conditions.

Collection of Information for the Contest

All the information collected by HoursTV for the contests that it may choose to hold on its own discretion, will be used in the following manner.

The email and contact information will be used to contact the winners. We may also use this information to send you marketing emails including newsletter and other updates about

We do not sell or share information without any third party, unless legally required.

We may also use your personally identifiable information when announcing you as a winner. This will include your name and your picture if you approve of its use. Also, we will require a social media profile to share with the audiences on our FB and other accounts.
All the content that we collect form you, its copyrights belong to us. Once you submit it for review and we choose to publish it, it’s copyrights will be transferred to You agree to waive off all such copyrights upon submission of each content with

We only collect the documents for content in .docx, .doc versions and PDF (not preferable).

Primary Purpose of Information Collection

Primarily the information is collected for the following apparent reasons among other.

  1. To improve overall website navigation and end user experience.
  2. To ensure compliance with all local and international laws, including copyright regulations.
  3. To take care of the site’s development issues which may arise from time to time.
  4. To improve the website’s overall layout and maintain it as per the new web standards.
  5. To better mobile responsiveness of the site and also deliver the same kind of user experience even on smartphones and small screen devices.

Information Mostly Collected by

Information pieces collected by

  • Your location
  • Your stay time on the website.
  • The browser used by you.
  • The device you are using to access our site.
  • The region from which you have visited our website.
  • Content mostly viewed by the users or favorite blog posts or articles or new items.

The only purpose of collecting personal information is to make sure that we deliver out outstanding web services as information, news and blogging portal. This collected data helps us personalize services. If you provide your email to us via the contact us form, we may use it to send you promotional or marketing content.

Collection & Use of Personally Identifiable Information does not indulge in any information trading (selling), sharing or distributing to any third party, particularly the personally identifiable information. We may, however, in the case of a request from a local or international law enforcement or government, provide personally identifiable information. However, we cannot guarantee of such information made available because the process does not involve the collection of personally identifiable information in most users’ casts.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small bits of information which save website visitors’ info. uses cookies to personalize your site’s visiting experience. The use of cookies helps us provide the same kind of personalized navigation experience and saving of preferences you would expect from a professional internet site.

Google, Third Party Vendors and Use of Cookies

Google and other third-party vendors may use cookies on our website.

The advertising cookies used by Google enable it and its advertising partners to serve advertisements to users based upon their browsing history.

You can always opt-out of personalized advertising by visiting the given below link.

Visit the link provided below to opt-out of third-party vendors using cookies.

Use of Aggravated User Data may choose to publish the aggravated data shared by the end-users. The aggravated content may include among other things appreciation of the efforts by in delivering the breaking news (customer feedback or reviews or testimonials), interesting stories, and providing meaningfully engaging content to the end-users.

Security of the Website makes every effort in its power to protect and secure its digital assets. However, in this advanced age of information technology where even the biggest internet businesses’ online security is not impenetrable, does not guarantee the security of all the information it has stored online or offline. The website will not be responsible for any security breach of information shared by the end users with us.

Links to Third-Party Websites

This Privacy Policy is only applicable to the internet site. We cannot, in any case, be held responsible for the consequences or implications of your interaction with third party websites given on our site. The applicability is also on any advertisements placed here for other advertisers or web sites. Please read the privacy policies of the related sites if you want to interact with these third party websites in any way you deem fit. These third-party sites may use Cookies, GIFs, Forms, and other ways of collecting personally identifiable information. Please be careful when sharing any such (sensitive or confidential) information or transacting with these websites in any manner possible. and its management will not be held responsible for all such interactions.

Modifications & Updates to Privacy Policy of may at any time update its Privacy Policy, without giving any notice or notification or intimation to any party, whosoever. Therefore, you are advised to remain updated on the latest Privacy Policy of We will not be held responsible in any manner for any future update which may be affecting your business. Therefore, all readers and other stakeholders are urged to keep visiting this Privacy Policy page of the to remain informed.