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Biden Administration Faces Criticism For Bombing Syria

Joe Biden, on his 36th day as the US President, authorized an airstrike on Syria. Reportedly, the attack destroyed buildings belonging to Iran-backed militants in Iraq. The US claimed that these militants recently conducted several attacks on the Americans and allies in Iraq by firing rockets. The pentagon told the media that the retaliation act by the Biden administration was on a low-scale as compared to the militia. The new president is facing enormous criticism because this incident has been marked as the first memorable decision he took after taking the charge.

Meanwhile, there were many Americans waiting for drastic reforms like raising the minimum wage, Medicare for all, student loan debt, and stimulus check. Citizens are angry, as Biden could have worked on the promises his administration aspired to do after winning US Election 2020.

Biden Administration Keeping Priorities Straight

The news about the US bombing of Syria shocked a large number of people. Every day in America, people hold out hope for the issuance of stimulus checks that seemed bleak in Donald Trump’s era.

Biden proposed this COVID-19 relief package bill even before joining the office. It included 1400 USD stimulus payment and extra funds for federal job loss for citizens. Democrats have claimed that the bill will get signed by the month of March.

However, after the bombing, critics have called out Biden for wasting money while the country was waiting for stimulus checks; to somehow cover their financial damages due to the pandemic.

The criticism went on to become more brutal as there have been many details ignored in the celebration of Biden admiration. Many people supported it for being the most diverse cabinet ever or having the first-ever female Vice President. Certainly, these are political tactics and do not mean that the new government is free from accountability. Some critics have seen no difference in Trump vs Biden as the US government seems to have been making repetitive mistakes.

Learning From Past Federal Failures

Biden administration is gradually losing the credibility that it earned for standing against Trump. Biden has even reversed some of his non-sensical decisions by issuing executive orders. He is still not safe from criticism as some pressing matters of the normal people remain hanging in balance.

Pentagon insisted that the attack has been conducted as a diplomatic measure after consulting with the alliance in Iraq. With this bombing act, Joe Biden has supposedly sent a message that he will protect America and its allies at all costs.

Is Joe Biden A Dangerous Person?

The retaliation attempt was meant to punish those who fired rockets that killed one civilian and injured one US service member. The group which claimed this attack was Awliya al Dam (Guardian of the Blood Brigade). A little is known about this group, which also claimed responsibility for two bombings in August 2020 against contractor convoys of the US.

It is not clear whether this group was backed by Iran or associated with the building the US blew up. Some officials opined that this group might only be a front for the huge militia groups. They were based in Iraq but according to the US, they used various facilities in Syria, which the US bombed. Some other reports mentioned that Joe Biden spoke to Saudi Arabian King and delayed the report for Jamal Khashoggi’s murder. The bombing of Syria happened shortly after that call which was alarming for the critics.

Reportedly, the Biden administration did not want any hostilities with Iran. It is because Biden wanted to renew the nuclear deal, which Trump had shelved. On the other hand, the US also wanted to keep an alliance with Iraq. The decision to drop bombs in Syria instead of Iraq would likely cause no problem with the Iraqi government. However, it did not stop critics to question where Biden would draw the line, in retaliating against militants. The new US president is the sole operator of nuclear warheads and it is bothering the country now.

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