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Police Capture Shakti Kapoor’s Son Siddhant Kapoor in Drugs Case

The star kid Siddhant Kapoor is the newest celebrity detained by the Indian police for allegedly smoking marijuana at a party. He is the brother of popular Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor and the son of 90’s renowned actor Shakti Kapoor. On Sunday night, Bengaluru Police detained the star kid along with more than 30 people for consuming drugs. The news was shocking for Siddhant’s father as he spoke to news reporters about the uncertainty regarding the pressing matter. The investigation is ongoing and police are digging deeper into the case, reportedly.

Siddhant Kapoor Drug Case Details 

On Sunday, the police raided a hotel on Mahatma Gandhi road after receiving a tip and caught people who were suspected to be taking drugs. Siddhant Kapoor was among the six people indulged in narcotics intake. They took him to Ulsoor police station for further investigation and tests. His sample proved that he was on drugs when the cops invaded the party. However, the police are still unsure if all of them consumed drugs before coming to the gathering or was it the party where they got the marijuana from. The investigation is still in process and cops haven’t disclosed anything else yet. 

Shakti Kapoor in Denial 

Reportedly, Shakti Kapoor was shocked to hear about his son being involved in such illegal activity. He said Siddhant Kapoor could never do that and he’s innocent. He also told the media that he’s in Mumbai, has no idea what’s going on, and he came to know about the matter through the news. All Shakti knows is that he isn’t arrested yet as the police have only detained him. 

Star Kid to Face Legal Consequences

Reportedly, if the further investigation turns out to be against Siddhant Kapoor, he might be facing some serious legal trouble. The actor has worked in multiple films including the famous ones like Dhol and Bhool Bhulaiyya as an actor and director. His career might be jeopardized due to the case. The celebrity might have to stay in Jail just like Shahrukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan stayed behind bars under similar charges against him. 

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