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Behind Her Eyes Is More Than Just Sex And Thrill

Netflix’s upcoming British TV Drama, Behind Her Eyes is not like an average love-triangle; even if the show tries to make it look like so. Viewers must be ready for an unexpected twist and some dark narration to consume throughout the runtime. It is a mini-series consisting of 6 episodes and will be released on Wednesday, 17th February 2021.

The series is created by Steve Lightfoot and based on a 2017 novel of the same name, written by Sarah Pinborough. Angela LaManna from The Haunting Of Bly Manor is also writing this series. The story is a phycological thriller revolving around a single mother who falls into an unconventional affair with her married boss. The fun begins when she actually befriends her partner’s wife.

Watch The Trailer Of Behind Her Eyes

Netflix released the trailer of Behind Her Eyes on 4th February 2021 and it looks disturbingly sexy. It can clearly make a lot of people uncomfortable regarding their own life choices. Therefore, strong discretion is advised before stepping further into this psychosexual mystery:

From the trailer, one can see there is a lot more going on behind those eyes. First, there is a betrayal, a lot of sex, and a shocking revelation. It also appears that among all the infidelity, lies, and deceit, the involved characters have opened up something much eviler.

A Shocking Twist To Classic Love Triangle

When a single mother, Louise (Simona Brown) is met with David (Tom Bateman), her life is turned upside down. It will further roll down the stairs after she’ll befriend David’s wife Adele (Eve Hewson). Just like the novel, the drama will try to keep the tension constant till the end.

Viewers will be glued to seats as Louise faces mystery one-by-one along with dangerous pleasures. She did not back out after finding out that David was married, nor did she back out when Adele told her foul stories about David. In fact, she believed that the couple has become much happier with her in their sex life.

The story seems to argue whether adultery is the worst thing that can happen to a married couple or the best. It makes it hugely controversial and perhaps exciting as well.

Not Everybody’s Cup Of Tea

Obviously, the plot targets a specific kind of audience or those who are familiar with this blend of the genre (Psychology – Mystery – Thrill).

The story is not straightforward but worth watching due to the sheer amount of creepiness. Further details over here will spoil the mystery and awaken the horrors of committing to one person for the whole life.

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