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It’s Better Than Drugs Jeremy Makes People Talk About Drugs They Like

It's Better Than Drugs Jeremy

Social media is currently overflowing with ‘it’s better than drugs Jeremey puns and memes. Users have been sharing quotes, pictures, and videos of what they like and tagging the posts under the Jeremy caption. The newest trend shows what sort of things people are into. It reveals their heightened interest and addiction towards stuff including food, dance, sing, sex, and whatever they find extraordinarily charming.  

What Started the ‘It’s better than drugs Jeremy’ Trend?

Apparently, Be More Chill – The Squip Song started the whole trend. The song is about two guys, Rich and Jeremy talking about the apocalypse in their love and sex life. It’s like how Rich couldn’t get a girlfriend in high school and he doesn’t like it. But then, he found Squip (Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor) from japan which is in the form of a pill. It goes to the brain and functions in a way that helps in doing whatever a person wants. Rich tells Jeremy about it and he asks, so it’s like drugs? And Rich replies, ‘it’s better than drugs Jeremy’. The simple and single line attracted people and they began to use it as a caption for their interests and likings. They turned it into an expression. The trend is at least not dangerous like the weird KiKi challenge started by Drake’s song.

The trend raised curiosity among several people, upon which they also created memes about not knowing the origin of the whole thing. 

How are People Pursuing the Trend? 

So many social media users have posted pictures and videos of what they think are the most amazing thing that is even better than drugs. For many around the globe, seasons and TV shows are something worth sticking to. So they shared pictures of their most preferred TV series that they found addictive.

Computers are some people’s weakness as they are called gaming and technology freaks. As per them, supercomputers are the most addictive drugs of all time. So they used the recently created expression ‘It’s better than drugs Jeremy’.

Tiktokers Joining The Crowd 

Famous Tiktokers Joined the crowd sharing memes about the ongoing trend on social media. They started doing what they do best. They posted a lip-syncing video using the dialog ‘so it’s like drugs? It’s better than drugs Jeremy’. 

Some internet users opined that TikTokers only made videos of what memes shared on social media platforms.  

Things Better Than Drugs

People were quite observant as well as expressive in terms of using this expression. They saw an opportunity to reveal what their preferences are, which can be considered better than anything in the world. They went for it and posted pictures and videos of their favorite and tasty food.


For some, the feeling of peace attained by listening to music in rain at midnight is also something much better than drugs. 

Moreover, girls shared videos and pictures of colorful clothes and makeup stuff to show what makes them high. Surely for them, having the clothes of their choice is better than drugs. 

The trend doesn’t end here but encourages people to share more images or memes on it to let others know that ‘it’s better than drugs Jeremy. 

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