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Bella Hadid to Weeknd, Celebrities Who Spoke for Palestine Cause

Only a handful of celebrities were seen devastated by the inhumane treatment of Israeli occupation forces that has escalated to dangerous levels in the past month. Many beloved public figures were not on the list of celebrities who spoke for Palestine. Some of them did comment but they only showed their problematic and half-baked view on the subject matter. Palestinian families have been facing forced evictions, with random people casually taking over their homes. A similar thing happened in the Al Aqsa mosque attack when Israeli forces stormed inside and threw stun grenades at unarmed Muslims, who were just praying.

Israel took control of Al Aqsa Mosque after occupying East Jerusalem in 1967. Since then it has been difficult for Muslim Palestinians to visit the Mosque. Even Christian and Jew Palestinians face numerous problems while wanting to visit their quarters in East Jerusalem. Celebrities who cared about Palestinians were heartbroken after watching horrible videos from the region.

Celebrities Who Spoke for Palestinians Win Hearts

These celebrities belong to the film, drama, and music industry in the West and Pakistan. Where the public rejoiced the solidarity from these stars, it was also disgusted at the silence and misleading comments from others. Especially after the report from Human Rights Watch declaring Israel as a criminal state. Their comments looked fabricated and only worked as ill-informed insertion on a serious issue. However, those with unclear tweets are omitted from the list and only those are mentioned which condemned the Israeli oppression and forced disposition of Palestinians.

Bella Hadid

A famous model Bella Hadid is ethnically Palestinian, who has raised her voice multiple times in solidarity with Palestinians. She was arguably the first-ever celebrity in the west to use her platform in talking about the Palestinian issue. Last year, Instagram deleted one of her story which included the picture of her Palestinian passport. The model was trying to show how proud she was of her heritage but the tech giant did not like that. It prompted her to slam Instagram and educate it about Israeli oppression in Palestine in detail. Now she has again come forward with another lesson about the economic influence of Israel on the entire world, which prevents big countries and public figures to open their mouth against Israel.

Dua Lipa

More people started falling in love with singer Dua Lipa after she was brave enough to post in solidarity with the Palestinians. She shared artwork with the Hashtag #SaveSheikhJarrah

Asim Azhar

Singer Asim Azhar from Pakistan was shocked by the attack on worshippers which clearly constituted terrorism. He was also pretty confident that a world filled with the shell of human beings will still stay silent because it’s Israel on the other end. In the past, Asim has also urged Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan to do something about sectarian violence in the country, especially against Shia minorities.

Farhan Saeed

Pakistani actor Farhan Saeed lamented the fact that the international community remained silent after the heinous attack of Israeli forces. Some blatantly denied the Israeli oppression which is a real paradox. One cannot confirm if the Palestinian genocide deniers are deliberately being dumb or are actually dumb.


Not many Arab celebrities posted in solidarity with Palestine. However, they praised Weeknd for sharing art that won many hearts.

Viola Davis

The powerful actress, Viola Davis confronted the Pro-Israeli terrorism brigade with facts. She shared how Israeli courts are also in with the oppressive regime with an ambition to remove all Muslim Palestinians from East Jerusalem.

Mia Khalifa

Similar to Bella Hadid, ex-porn star Mia Khalifa also questioned the financial dominance of Israel, facilitated by the US. Israel most certainly utilizes the funds for carrying out pogroms against the Muslim population. The fans were astonished to see that some stars like Mia had a lot more guts than those who were well protected and presented in glorified packaging.

Roger Waters

Roger Waters from Pink Floyd (classic rock band) has furiously reacted to what’s going on in the world. It is clear as the sky but still, a major part of the world is hesitant to hold Israel accountable for its terroristic activities in Palestine. A local militia group (which is not even trained well in combat) has occupied the nerves of Israelites and Israeli sympathizers. They conveniently bring them up whenever there is a debate of giving Palestine its long-due freedom. What they omit from the facts is that Hamas only exists to violently clap back at Israeli forces whenever they attack unarmed civilians. Roger tries to encourage the Israeli sympathizers to educate themselves with reliable sources (that do not include Israeli state-backed media). He suggested Palestinian genocide deniers look at Human Rights Watch report before further exposing their mental sickness.

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