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Not So Robin Hood of Delhi Arrested by Indian Police

Wasim Akram, aka Robin Hood of Delhi, has been finally arrested after reportedly committing 160 crimes. The police force claimed they set up a special cell that had been chasing Akram for 4 months. Cases against him include robberies, attempted murder, rape, and leading a gang of “25 merry men”. Police came close to capturing him many times, but he always managed to escape.

Robin Hood of Delhi is Different from Original

Unlike the folklore legend, Robin Hood of Delhi was not generous. He and his gang did loot cash and jewellery from the rich but gave only little to the poor after skimming the cream off from the top. The 27-year-old criminal had some support from the local community, who called him Lambu (imposingly tall). He bought their loyalty with exploits from his ventures, and they helped him with information about police movements in the area. Someone would always tip him off whenever police looked for him, allowing him to escape.

A Lengthy Manhunt

The police reported that Robin Hood of Delhi frequently changed his hideouts across the country to throw them off his trail. They accused him of firing shots at them during a previous attempt to arrest him. This time, the police said they received an anonymous tip of his arrival near a railway station to meet one of his associates. They said they laid a trap in the area and apprehended him as soon as he came.

Previous Attempt and Escape

The police and Akram came face to face last year as well, but the Robin of Delhi escaped. In June 2021, he and 4 other men were seen cruising in a Suzuki Wagon-R in a marketplace. The car raised suspicion, which led the area’s SHO and his team to follow it. They were able to intercept the car after a long chase, but the men started firing at the police. After the shootout, police captured 3 of Akram’s associates, but he and another one escaped.

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