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PIA Apologizes for Focusing on Undergarments Instead of Improving Airline

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has formally issued a statement to take back the request for its cabin crew to wear undergarments. According to reports, the chief human resource officer admitted feeling regretful while reiterating that the chosen words could have been better.

Previously, the national airline claimed in a lengthy memo that a “lack of better attire” by flight attendants was portraying a negative image of PIA. It elaborated that some of the crew wore their dresses “casually” while flying and staying in hotels, leaving a poor impression on viewers. It said it was not only bad for the company’s image but also for the individual. The guidelines added that male and female clothes should adhere to “cultural and national morals”. It also instructed “grooming officers” to “monitor” whether the cabin crew was following these rules.

However, the airline faced massive criticism on social media, prompting the U-turn the next day.

PIA Should Stop Noticing Undergarments

The abnormal development led many to question the airline’s priorities. The company has a lousy track record of passenger safety, so its shifted focus on the attire was genuinely concerning. Many feared that the top management of PIA must have contained misogynist men who were wondering if air attendants were wearing underwear.

Even Celebrities Slammed the Airline

Pakistan TV actor Adnan Siddique advised the company to refrain from moral policing and invest its energy in improving the systems, safety, and service standards of the airline. Many echoed the same view, wondering if the carrier’s management had nothing productive to do.

PIA and Safety Issues

PIA is often under fire on Twitter for its sub-standard airline service, being sold as a premium. Safety issues have occurred so many times that it was blacklisted in 2020 by European safety regulators. It was banned from operating in the EU for 6 months.

PIA got approval to operate in EU regions in 2016, and in the same year, it suffered one of its worst accidents. PIA aircraft ATR 42-500 crash in the Havelian brought the carrier and Pakistani aviation regulators under careful examination by European authorities.

Moreover, the safety breach in 2017, which made 7 passengers fly standing the entire flight, did not help the situation.

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