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Nadia Khan Makes SAFF Women’s Championship Loss Less Painful for Pakistan

Pakistani football player Nadia Khan has made viewers proud with her exceptional performance on the field. Pakistan defeated Maldives 7-0 on Matchday 3 in the SAFF Women’s Championship. Khan registered 4 goals and became the first Pakistani to achieve such a feat in international women’s football. Green girls did not manage to qualify for the semi-final, but social media blew up with praises and best wishes for the emerging star.

Nadia Khan is a National Hero

Many videos started to appear on social media, showcasing Nadia Khan’s skills. It did not matter if Pakistan was kicked out of the tournament after the first 2 defeats because Khan reminded them of European football superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Just like them, Nadia also entertained the crowd with their flourishes and goals. Apart from her, Rameen, Khadia, and Anmol also got themselves on the scoresheet with 1 goal each.

Farewell on a High Note

It was the only win for Pakistan in this tournament and a symbolic one at that. Pakistan lost 3-0 to India in the first match and 6-0 to Bangladesh in the second. However, Nadia Khan also displayed impressive skills in those matches too. Her passion for this game inspired the team to register their first victory on the international stage in 8 years.

Who is Nadia Khan?

The 21-year-old British-Pakistani footballer Nadia Khan is from Leeds, UK. She currently plays for Doncaster Rovers Belles as a midfielder. Khan started playing football at Leeds United Regional Talent Centre, and Doncaster Rovers signed her in 2017 for its development side. She moved to the first team in 2018 to play in FA Women’s Northern Premier Division.

When she was called to represent Pakistan in SAFF in August, she spoke to the media about her excitement. She said she could not wait to play alongside her Pakistani teammates.

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