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Deadpool 3 Brings Hugh Jackman Back as Wolverine

A Twitter video posted by Ryan Reynolds is going viral on social media; the video shows Ryan and Jackman discussing the appearance of Wolverine in the new Deadpool 3 movie. The first Deadpool was a major hit and a step towards success for the protagonist. The post has raised some questions among the fans about how the movie is going to have two people from different domains. Surely, Wolverine and Wade Wilson have the same powers that help them regenerate and heal themselves but how are they going to face each other is a big curiosity among the audiences.

Deadpool 3 Spoilers By Ryan Reynolds

The Deadpool 1’s star talked about what’s coming in the upcoming film. Most importantly, Deadpool 3 will be joining the MCU on September 6, 2024. Ryan gave these hints to the audience to let them know what was coming. He with Jackman teased their meetup in which they didn’t reveal much but good enough to tell that Hugh will once again play Wolverine. In the Twitter post, Reynolds asks  Jackman if he can play Wolverine one more time and the answer comes “sure”.

In the second video, both start talking about how Logan is still alive but they didn’t give out any information other than telling that he died in 2029. Their Humor in the post shows that they are going to face each other as rivals. It’s not confirmed by any source so far.

Why Is MCU Getting Merged With X-Men Universe?

Clearly, Marvel’s cinematic universe is cooking something promising since they are merging the X-Men and Marvel by launching Logan in the third instalment of Deadpool. It was the second part with multiple stars with superpowers that made people realize that Wade Wilson is a funny version of Wolverine and they should come together in a movie. Neither MCU nor the cast has confirmed it yet but the notion is based on suppositions of people. 

The decision is also strange for many since Jackman publicly announced that Logan would be his last film as Wolverine in 2017.

Other MCU Projects Coming in 2024

Deadpool 3 isn’t the only big marvel movie that is going to be released in 2024. It sure is going to be a good addition to the Marvel Phase 6 movies. The other movie coming in 2024 are Captain America 4, Thunderbolts, and Fantastic 4.

Captain America will be released on May 3, Thunderbolts on July 26, and Fantastic four on November 6.

As per some MCU fans, the entire gist is going to be changed as some of Marvel’s characters have died in the movies and several have gone to other universes. For now, the fans will have to wait until 2024 for further revelations.

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