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Top 5 Hilarious Adam Levine Memes On Viral Sexts

Adam Levine memes have taken over the internet as lead vocalist of the famous pop band Maroon 5 lands himself in hot waters. Apparently, the singer had been involved in sending lewd messages to several models on Instagram. The controversy first came to light 3 days ago when one influencer, Sumner Stroh, shared screenshots of the dirty DMs sent to her by Levine. Initially, she did not identify the names and just claimed that she was in an affair with a man married to Victoria’s Secret model.

The attention went to the 43-year-old frontman, who was married to former Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo since 2014. However, when he denied the claims, Stroh went ahead and exposed the screenshots of his messages. She made Tik Tok videos to further expose the man who was flirting with other women while his wife was pregnant with his third child. The model also said he wanted to name his new child after her, i.e. “Sumner”.

After that, several other models shared more screenshots, showing how Levine had made flirtatious advances to them as well. Since then, his texts have been going viral on social media in the form of memes, serving as a source of laughter for others.

How Adam Levine Memes Relate to People?

Several social media users shared the edited conversations of Levine and the women in a less controversial context. They removed the texts from girls and only brought Levine’s cringe messages into focus. This way, the text did not seem it was sexualizing women, but only a silly way to react to something. Here is one example of how to express the feeling after dipping one’s hands into a hot water tub.

Never take Any Advice from Levine

Several of Levine’s messages contained a lot of F words used in a highly creepy manner. Many thought that Levine sounded like a senseless manchild who should never comment on anything, let alone a woman’s body. The guy couldn’t even properly praise the woman he pretended to like. So, it might not be wise to show him any kind of body from now on.

Two Birds, One Tweet

Here’s one meme that took a bold step to hit two birds with one stone. While making fun of the singer’s sexting skills, it also takes a dig at a recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II. It makes fun of how the British Imperial would feel in a place much hotter than Buckingham Palace. It might hurt some, but such jokes are common among communities that refuse to mourn the Queen’s death due to her family’s colonial legacy.

Also Applicable at Work

The Adam Levine memes turned out to be relatable to people’s work as well. Here is one example by a software developer who shared how Levine would have reacted to a body of code that was actually absurd.

The Feeling When People Like Something

Some of the texts the singer sent to one of the girls were so thirsty that even their emojis fit perfectly. In one instance, he claimed to do “anything” (to have something) using a spiral face emoji. It was only suitable for reacting to some edible stuff like chocolate.

This is Exactly How NOT to Flirt

The bottom line of these Adam Levine memes was to explain how these phrases used by Levine were not appropriate for flirting. Such advances can only make a woman laugh or fume. So, social media users suggested alternative situations to use this kind of gross language.

Levine addressed the matter after the backlash got stronger, saying he was “disappointed” in himself. He admitted that he made “mistakes” with other women while still in a relationship with the mother of his children. The actor still believed that he was getting through this dark phase with the support of his wife. Behati has not officially responded to the matter.

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