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Aima Baig and Feroze Khan Under Fire for Cheating their Partners

Social media users have been having fun with reports of infidelity related to multiple artists, including Aima Baig and Feroze Khan. Those who were late to the party thought there might be something going on between these two, but no. They have been involved in individual controversies that seem similar in nature.

For the past couple of days, Pakistani viewers have been trolling the popular singer Aima Baig for allegedly cheating on her partner. On the other hand, TV actor Feroze Khan’s wife has also accused him of being unfaithful and physically and mentally abusing her.

Here are some of the funny reactions by viewers after learning the whole story behind both of these scandals.

British Pakistani Woman Accuses Aima Baig of Having Relationship with Her Boyfriend

Aima Baig’s name emerged in the alleged cheating controversy after a British model, Taloulah Mair, made shocking revelations on social media. In a series of Instagram stories and videos, Mair accused Baig of cheating on ex-fiance Shehbaz Shigri with her boyfriend, Qes Ahmed. Baig and Shigri got engaged in 2021, but after a year, they confirmed the separation. However, Mair alleged they were together when Baig cheated on Shigri with Ahmed. She shared several screenshots of messages between Baig and Ahmed that were highly explicit. There was also a video circulating on social media that contained a voice call in which Ahmed called out Aima for falsely accusing him of rape. The expose did not bode well for Baig, who had to face heavy trolling. Some even joked that Aima was imitating Ahsan Khan, who went viral a few months ago for saying he lived here and there.

The singer tried to clarify herself in Instagram stories, calling the public reaction “straight up bullying”. In a lengthy post, Baig criticized how fans reacted to her controversy. She said she wouldn’t speak about some people because “more ugly things would come out”. She further claimed that she was going through extreme trauma and depression for whatever happened. She also alleged that random people were looking for more followers and likes without knowing the whole story. Her note was hard to read for many, which is one of the reasons why the jokes and memes did not stop even after her clarification attempt.

Does Feroze Khan Play Himself on TV?

Aima Baig’s situation is nothing compared to the lambasting of Feroze Khan on social media. The divorce between the actor and his ex-wife Aliza sultan was reportedly finalized at the beginning of this month. However, Sultan recently revealed on social media that her marriage of 4 years was full of chaos. She alleged that she had to endure continuous abuse (physical and psychological), blackmail, infidelity, and degradation at the hands of her husband. This led her to decide that she would not live like this and not let her kids grow up in an unhealthy, toxic, and violent household. Sultan explained that no kids should have to feel that violence is a normal part of relationships. The controversy reminded many of Khan’s roles in TV dramas. Some of them involve a violent husband’s character, like Aye Musht-e-Khaak. Viewers joked that it must be easy for Khan to perform such acts on TV.

Khan also issued a statement talking about his visitation rights to children. He also gave details about the divorce case, saying the matter was adjourned till October, but meanwhile, he was allowed to meet his 2 children. The actor was already criticized for playing such roles that glorify male violence against women. Khan also showed himself as a spiritual person in many instances. In 2020, he talked about using social media to “spread the teachings of Islam”. He also claimed to quit the industry, but later, he changed his mind because his “Sheikh” said not to quit his work. Last year, he criticized host Tabish Hashmi for joking about his relationship with the Sheikh, saying it’s very personal and sensitive to him. However, now, after his wife’s revelation, many believe that he was as hypocritical and toxic as most of the desi men.

Anyone Can be Cheated On

While many were sipping the tea over multiple cheating incidents, some came forward to warn others. They argued that if these so-called perfect celebrity relationships that everyone idealized could end in horrible fashion, how could ordinary people think that they would work? Another example is the divorce between Syra Yousaf and Sheroze Sabzwari in 2020. It was one of the most beloved couples in Pakistan, and their break-up due to cheating left many surprised and heartbroken.

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