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GTA 6 Leak Might Delay the Release Further Until Rockstar Games Confirmation 

Many long due games have been delayed once again for many reasons. Grand Theft Auto VI also seems to be among the titles that might not be released on the expected dates. For one, the gameplay of the unreleased GTA installment has been leaked and circling on the internet. Reportedly, GTA 6 leak was a hack attack that turned the tables around for the game. A hacker stole its files and revealed them publicly. Also, the reports indicate extortion demanded by the hacker from the Rockstar games. 

The public is talking about the incident on social media and trolling the upcoming game. Moreover many other games have been facing similar issues due to which they are not going to be released anytime soon. 

GTA 6 Leak Over a Massive Hack

According to reports, on Sunday, the source code of GTA 6 and some of the gameplay videos were posted on game’s forum. A user ID “teapotuberhacker” uploaded a link to the RAR archive that had some stolen 90 videos of the VI GTA. The data was created by the company’s developers who were working on debugging features of the Game. The set of videos in GTA 6 leak carried features like NPC tracking, parts of Vice city, and voice chats between NPC and the protagonist character.   

The hacker attacked the test build version of the Rockstar Games’s new masterpiece. The unknown attacker accessed the Confluence wiki and the slack server of the gaming studio to steal the under-process video files carrying the unreleased gameplay and setting of GTA.  

Jason Schrerier, the Bloomberg’s representative confirmed the news of the leak on twitter after talking to Rockstar Games. Jason also said that this is indeed the biggest hack in the history. 

Hacker Wants Money 

The hacker that goes by the name “teapotuberhacker” who also clams to be mastermind behind uber hacking posted on the forum they have the stolen data of GTA 5 and GTA 6 and might leak more data soon. The GTA 6 leak then turned into a business deal when the hacker wished to negotiate a deal with the company. 

A conversation between the cyber attacker and pretentious Rockstar Games employee surfaced the internet. The hacker told the guy to check d*mn logs for proof. They also mentioned that they will sell the source code of GTA 5 but won’t accept money less than five figures. Lastly, they claimed that GTA 6 source code isn’t for sale yet. The Rockstar games has not commented on the pressing matter yet.  

Games are Getting Delayed

GTA 6 leak might result in delaying the game that was supposed to be released in 2024. other than that, many more games are experiencing issues that might be troublesome for games since they won’t be able to get their hands on them any time soon. 

The latest talk of the town after GTA VI is the Hogwarts Legacy which is once again rescheduled for official release. 

Most of the upcoming games have decided not to go with the early release after some released titles were brutally shot down due to bugs. Cyberpunk had a vulgar bug and also a rather funny one that made people troll the game. While having a gunfight in the game, a handicap person on wheelchair started running. That’s when gamers came to know about the other flaws in the game. Similarly, Watchdogs legion was criticized that it had too much of futuristic elements that made it boring and unrealistic. Other unspoken reasons included, many developers and gaming studios have decided to have multiple test runs of several imminent games before releasing them. 

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