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Pakistanis Slam Jimmy Fallon for Mocking Shehbaz Sharif

Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has been going viral since last week over the earphone incident. Sharif met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on 15th September at Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Uzbekistan. As the two sat down to talk, Sharif failed to plug the translation device into his ear multiple times. He asked for help and the assistant also couldn’t get it right as the earphone fell down again. Putin also smirked at his counterpart struggling with technological device. The awkward moment was joyful to watch for many as apparent from the discussions on social media.

Jimmy Fallon Mocks Pakistani Prime Minister

Famous American comedian and TV show host Jimmy Fallon also took notice of the incident. He featured the viral video on his show to contribute in further mocking of the Pakistani Prime Minister.

Fallon joked that this person, who couldn’t attach earphones to himself, was the leader of 220 million people. In the end he passed a comment, relating this incident as if it was like someone’s pants falling down.

Pakistanis Criticize American Host

Where many laughed along with Fallon, some did not find it funny that an American was mocking their leader. No matter how much critics despised the government, they remained united on one front that the host was not cool for mocking the Pakistani PM, especially when the country had just gone through a devastating flood.

They called out Fallon for being hysterically tone deaf and apathetic. Instead of supporting Pakistan in this time, he chose to join trolls who were already done mocking the PM over the clumsy incident. Moreover, rich countries like the US have played a major role in climate change with excessive industrialization. Many thought that if Jimmy could not have helped in any way, he could have at least apologized as one-third of the Pakistan was submerged under his country’s greed.

Similar Antics in the Past

This is not the first time an American comedian has made fun of a Pakistani leader. In 2018, when Imran Khan was the strongest candidate to win Prime Minister elections, The Daily Host show Trevor Noah compared him to Donald Trump. It also resulted in mixed reactions like this latest stunt by Jimmy Fallon. However, those who are laughing along with Fallon better realize soon about why American TV personalities are keen on mocking Pakistani leaders but refuse to express solidarity.

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