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How Latest Google Product Reviews Update will Affect your Website?

Google has started to roll out a new Product Reviews Update (PRU), the 5th in the series of updates that target websites with low-quality reviews. The 4th one was in July 2022, 3rd in March 2022, 2nd in December 2021, and the first in April 2021. Every time after this update, Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs) have complained about facing different issues like broken websites, pages not ranking in SERPs, and traffic dropping up to 90%. With the latest announcement on social media, the tech giant is receiving criticism once more as professionals will have to face such issues again.

It is Not Related to September 2022 Core Update

The roll-out could take up to 2 weeks to complete before Google completes the September 2022 core update. Many would confuse this latest update with core, but it isn’t. It is only concerned with websites that produce content regarding product reviews. The social media handle of Google Search Central tweeted that the core update was “mostly done” and will expectedly be fully completed in a week. It further said if users were experiencing change, it could be due to both updates, the PRU and the incomplete core. However, those with product reviews on their website are more likely to face issues. If users do not publish product reviews on their website, then it doesn’t concern them as only the core update affects all search results.

What is Google Product Reviews Update?

A major thing to understand about Google Product Reviews Update is that it doesn’t penalize the website. It only rewards or promotes the content with original research and insightful analyses.

It is an algorithm update designed to provide an advantage to sites with high-quality product reviews that contain more personal and in-depth research. They are different from low-quality product reviews that only summarize the information from other sources. It means that Google would only rank those who write reviews after personally using the said product.

Many experts have agreed that algorithm updates are not entirely bad as they can improve the ranking for some. It means that the websites with original work, which never ranked above others previously, can now have a chance to be seen.

Currently, this update only targets content written in English but will most probably include other languages soon.

Which Websites Will be Affected?

The latest Google Product Reviews Update applies to websites like CNET, PCmag, TestFreaks, and Tom’s Guide. Such websites have hired experts to test and review the products and allowed consumers to post how they feel about a particular product. If users have a similar website but summarize the reviews of others instead of writing their own, Google would consider their content low-quality product reviews.

In order to make Google understand their originality, users can write a lengthy review that shows hands-on experience. Experts have suggested including intricate details like personally captured images and videos. Writers can also compare that product with its market alternatives and identify the pros and cons.

It will not only be safe against Google’s bots but also provide readers with a unique suggestion to consider.

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