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Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Once Again Haunts Victims Through Netflix Series

The name Jeffrey Dahmer used to make people terrified in the early 90s since the man was a serial killer, a sex offender, and allegedly a cannibal who murdered 17 people. After all these years, the criminal is once again traumatizing the victims’ families through Netflix’s new series” Monsters: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” The season has sparked controversy against the streaming giant for making a whole series on a serial killer. A victim’s cousin took it to social media and talked about its traumatizing effects on the victims. The viewers have labelled it the most disturbing crime series ever.

Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer Series Hurting Victims

The new crime drama season Dahmer – Monster: the Jeffrey Dahmer story has been released on the streaming platform. The show depicts Jeffrey’s life, a serial killer who murdered more than 17 people over 13 years. The show seems to be causing problems for a family of a victim, Errol Lindsey. They stated that the platform didn’t notify or consult them before making and running an entire show based on their misery. They publicly questioned why it was necessary to dig out the trauma in the name of entertainment by showing something that had scared the victims for life.

Lindsey’s sister Rita Isbell spoke to the media and mentioned that Netflix was trying to earn money off people’s tragedies. She also called the show harsh and careless.

Errol’s relative, Eric Perry, took the matter to Twitter and posted that the family was not happy about Netflix’s Dahmer series. He asserted that movies and series like Monster are repeatedly hurtful to victims.

What Does the Show Depict?

The whole series is out, and people can watch it on Netflix exclusively. The Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix series is a rendition of the original Dahmer story. Ryan has worked wonders in making the actors look pretty similar to the actual people who were involved in the case. The victims and the murder give an uncanny vibe related to what happened in the early 90s. The trailer itself is chilling enough that it can raise many questions regarding psychological issues a person can face and act out as a result of such problems. The main character, the antagonist, is a person in the series who enjoys inflicting pain and has no remorse.

Netizens’ Horrible Reactions Or a Marketing Strategy?

The social media platforms are flooded with critical posts and comments about the Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix series. Some posted that, for them, it’s the cruellest crime story ever. They mentioned Ryan Murphy, the creator of the Dahmer series and called people psychopaths who dared to watch it. Seeing from one point, it looks like the netizens are standing with the victims and criticizing the entertainment point.

However, a different opinion is that cursing it is actually making it an officially notorious series, increasing its viewership on the platform. It seems to be a tactic to control and manipulate the audience into watching all 10 episodes. Calling the show the most disturbing is something that encourages some thriller lovers to watch it. There is even a US woman named Britnee Chamberlain who has a tattoo of the monster on her body, including his quote, “if you can’t beat ’em, eat ’em”. This might be another marketing tactic to draw the audience towards the new series.

Previously, Netflix and Microsoft decided to team up to offer a lower-priced ad-supported subscription plan to increase the number of falling viewers. It is why the backlash looks more like a promotional strategy rather than criticism.

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