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Anne Heche Might not Return from Coma after Brutal Accident

American actress Anne Heche has been fighting a battle of life and death after a tragic car crash on 5 August. Her family and friends kept hoping for a miracle while she remained in a coma. However, they may have to make the difficult choice of removing life support as the doctors have pronounced her “brain dead”. She is still being kept on the ventilator until a decision is made about donating her undamaged organs.

Anne Heche Crashes into A Woman’s Home

The horrific crash left Heche’s car in flames and caused her severe anoxic brain injury. According to reports, the actress crashed her car into a house, causing a fire. The owner Lynne Mishele and her pets (dogs and a turtle) were safely evacuated but her house could not be saved. Now she will rebuild using the help of the community.

It took 59 firefighters and 65 minutes to put out the flame and retrieve Anne Heche from the wreckage. At the time, she was responsive but later lost her consciousness and never regained it. She has been in a coma since with a critical condition that requires mechanical ventilation and surgical intervention.

Mixed Responses on the Development

Many may have expected some sympathy for the actress, but it was not the case. While some prayed for her well-being, others simply despised her for being reckless and destroying a woman’s home. After her blood test revealed traces of narcotics, the social media dynamic changed. They openly expressed that they felt no sympathy for the actress as she was drunk driving. They complained about the popular person getting more spotlight from the media while the woman whose house was destroyed is not even being mentioned. This led some to go as far as saying that Heche deserved what was happening to her.

It was tasteless for many who came forward with a message of humanity. They acknowledged the criminal offence of Heche but also urged the critics to understand the meaning of addiction. It is an evil that consumes the person, leaving only a shell behind. They highlighted Heche’s struggle with her addiction over the years, and people seldom win that battle. She might not be able to read the mean comments, but her children will, and it could add to their trauma. The 53 year old actress is a mother to 2 boys.

Career Highlights

Anne Heche is known for playing Maggie Pistone is 1997 Mafia film Donnie Brasco. Her work on TV brought her into recognition and ultimately into Hollywood. Some of her other projects include Volcano (1997), I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997), and Six Days Seven Nights (1998).

Heche won a Daytime Emmy Award and 2 Soap Opera Digest awards for playing twins in a 1987 soap opera Another World. She also appeared in other TV shows including Chicago P.D, Save Me, Hung, and Ally McBeal. Heche also dated popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in the late 1990s.

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