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WHO Asks People to Stop Killing Monkeys Because of Monkeypox

The World Health Organization recently advised the people of Brazil not to kill monkeys as they are not responsible for monkeypox disease. Some people are considering monkeys the enemy and taking precautionary measures by killing them. Not just in Sao Paulo state, but incidents from other cities have also been reported. Other than that, people have also been arguing that the Covid19 vaccination was also a reason behind the contagious disease. WHO’s spokesperson tried to educate the public regarding the misconception indicating monkeys and vaccination being accountable for monkeypox.

Why is The Virus Called Monkeypox?

The world health organization spoke out against those who poisoned monkeys amid the monkeypox outbreak. The organization said people should not blame animals for contagious diseases. On August 9, at a press conference in Geneva, Margaret Harris, who is WHO’s spokesperson, explained how the virus was named monkeypox. She mentioned that initially, the virus was first identified in monkeys residing in Denmark. Upon that, the name of the disease was decided. However, not animals but humans have become the source of transmission.

Monkeys Are Not Guilty

According to Harris, the virus is more common in rodents rather than the apes, and the situation is entirely changed in terms of transmission. Humans themselves are the cause of monkeypox transmission and not monkeys. Thus, people should stop attacking the animals either out of anger or prevent the virus from infecting them.

The spokesperson explained that it is a close contact transmission that people can avoid. And in order to keep themselves away from unwanted harm.

The name is a big confusion for many, which is why people are not tolerating monkeys around them and going on killing sprees. WHO stated that the organization is working with experts and partners around the world to change the name of the virus.

Increased Number of Cases of Virus Around the Globe

The monkeypox virus is spread through the close contact between infected people, described by Harris. The symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, fever and a rash. People can easily confuse monkeypox with chickenpox or other infections caused by sexual interaction.

Since May, more than 31,800 cases have been reported in about 90 countries. According to WHO, Brazil has recently registered 1700 cases and a casualty.

Health experts have been trying to educate people about what monkeypox is and how to prevent it. Other than that, people need to be aware of differentiating between similar diseases like monkeypox, smallpox and other viruses.

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