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How Viral Dance of Pakistani Girl Has United India and Pakistan?

Pakistani girl Ayesha has set the internet on fire with her groovy dance to an old Indian song at her friend’s wedding. She shared the video earlier in November, which is still viral after 3 weeks. Netizens are very fond of her dancing skills and her ethnic clothing. Despite having only 16 posts on her Instagram, she has reached more than 570,000 followers. According to reports, about 300,000 came after her video went viral on TikTok. Not only Pakistanis but Indians also appreciated her talent. Here is the viral video, and it can be seen in the comment section that there are more Indian users than Pakistanis.

Viral Dance Video Inspires Other Weddings

Many others have tried to imitate Ayesha’s viral dance not only on TikTok but live at weddings as well. Several videos have been turning up, showing different people from India and Pakistan dancing to the same song. For many, it has become that one annoying song people choose to dance to at every wedding. The song is ‘Tu Aaja (Remix)’ by DJ Usman Bhatti. It is a rendition of Bollywood’s Lata Mangeshkar’s song ‘Mera Dil Yeh Pukare Aaja’ from the 1954 film Nagin.

Perhaps the song would not have gotten so much notoriety if it wasn’t for Ayesha. Her dance was the reason why so many have been attempting to recreate the performance at their own parties. Here’s one that reflects how the video influenced others.

Remakes in India

Similar recreation videos are also trending across the border as well. Here’s a video by content creator Asmita Gupta, who followed the same dance routine wearing an ethnic dress. Such videos are further encouraging other users to share their dance performances on the song.

Similar Tastes in Music

One of the reasons why so many Indians loved a Pakistani girl’s dance was the relatable theme. Pakistan and India are known to have dance performances at weddings, no matter how big or small the event is. It is a way for friends and family to express their excitement and happiness for the married couple. Now perhaps it has also become a way to unite bitter neighbours through viral videos like these. It might also be emotional for Indians to see a Pakistani girl dancing to a Bollywood song. Legendary Lata Mangeshkar was the most respected singer in the entire subcontinent. Even after her death, her songs have lived on in the hearts of Indians and Pakistanis. After seeing them play at weddings in Pakistan, it may have touched some Indian sentiments as well.

Despite the political differences, films and music from both countries have always tried to bring people together. Even a regular video can also achieve that feat, as seen in the case of the ‘pawri ho rhi hai’ girl, Dananeer Mubeen. She also sparked hope of friendship between the citizens of the two countries with her viral video. It was also recreated numerous times by viewers from both countries. An Indian artist Yashraj Mukhate created a musical version of the meme, making it more famous than the original. It showed a tiny glimpse of what the people from Indo-Pak could achieve if they worked together instead of trying to rip each other apart.

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