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Why Celebrities Are Not Cancelling Balenciaga for Promoting Child Bondage?

Elite fashion brand Balenciaga has been facing severe criticism over multiple ad campaigns involving children. One ad is about the designer’s gift collection that features children posing with teddy bear bags wearing bondage accessories. Another ad under fire is about the brand’s Spring 2023 business collection, where a court document on child pornography is visible. Many social media users condemned the campaign for promoting paedophilia in a highly disturbed manner.

Following the backlash, the brand apologized for “unsettling” images and deleted the campaign from all platforms. They also blamed the set designers, ad production companies and photographers for displaying “unapproved” items in the campaign. Balenciaga also filed a 25 million USD lawsuit against the ad’s producers.

Meanwhile, netizens have refused to accept the apology. They are particularly upset about rich celebrities who endorse the brand’s products, not boycotting it over the controversial shoot. In recent years, stars have been highly vocal in calling out controversies and cutting ties with those who don’t share the same values. Their silence on the Balenciaga scandal was problematic for many.

Celebrities Still Assessing the Situation around Balenciaga Scandal

Many models, singers, and actors endorse Balenciaga, but the onus has been stuck on a few major ones. Supermodel and reality TV star Kim Kardashian is the biggest promoter of the brand, hence the best target. Critics pushed Kim to speak out, and the model responded after a week which fell flat as they expected her to cut ties with the brand. Instead, she expressed her desire to speak to the team that let the pedophilic ad run wild on the internet. Social media users called her out for being a hypocrite for mincing words in her delayed response.

Apart from Kim Kardashian, supermodel Bella Hadid is another prominent face of Balenciaga. Although Hadid kept silent, she deleted her pictures of Balenciaga’s endorsement from Instagram. However, other celebrities, including Nicole Kidman, Dua Lipa, and Naomi Campbell, also appeared in the brand’s fashion shows. None of them had publically commented on the controversy yet.

Selective Activism

The development also reminds people of the selective activism by celebrities. Some of the stars use their platform to raise voices about specific issues but not others. Several social media users referred to the media treatment of rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West. They brought up how all celebrities, brands, banks, and social media platforms quickly cancelled Ye when he made highly offensive accusations against the Jewish community.

However, the same establishments have failed to do the same to Balenciaga, which did much worse than making bland accusations. Here’s everything the rapper has lost over his anti-Semitic remarks, and Balenciaga has lost nothing for showing children alongside sadistic material.

It led many users to question whether the cancel culture was only for those who offended a specific group. Balenciaga was also among those brands who dropped Ye over the controversial comments.

Kanye West Explains why Celebrities are Silent

All the elitist companies and celebrities may have adopted silence, but commoners are reacting strongly. There are plenty of videos on social media in which people are burning their Balenciaga clothes or items with the brand’s logo on them. Ye himself gave his two cents on the scandal by recalling how strong the reaction was against him compared to Balenciaga. The rapper pointed towards the growing intolerance on social media towards other people’s opinions. He added that stars not speaking against Balenciaga showed how they were “controlled” and that there was no such thing as a celebrity influencer. Ye believed these “controllers” were influencing the whole world and getting their messages across via celebrities who appealed to the masses.

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