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This Travel Dress Can Be Transformed Into 20 Different Outfit Options

Choosing the right outfits to pack before going on holiday is one of the toughest dilemmas a woman can face. So many things to pack and so little space can cause some of the worst headaches of all time. Interestingly, fashion designers seem to be aware of this predicament which is why they have been addressing it by using their creativity. One such innovation is the travel dress that has been helping travelers worldwide to choose the right kind of outfit for their adventures. It can save up space and serve multiple purposes due to which travelers can easily pack light and enjoy their vacation with ease.

The following video shows an example of how these dresses can be transformed into various style options for different occasions. Besides being a shirt or a pair of pants, they can become a perfect kit for hiking, a comfortable top or skirt for lounging, an attractive piece for a hot date, or whatever the wearer wants it to be. This is also one example of sustainable clothing.

Travel Dress Allows you to Create Different Looks with One Piece

Many cute travel outfits like these have made things less hectic for adventurers. Many travel bloggers have endorsed them as their companions rather than just a piece of fabric. They appear in multiple photos by just changing the style of that same travel dress but it still looks like they have been changing outfits. Reportedly, these garments can be breathable, wrinkle-free, and quick-drying which is there is no hassle in its maintenance. There is also a hidden piece of elastic that helps the traveler to bundle it up and put it in hand-carry.

The particular dress in the video was from the brand Kameleon Rose, which sadly ran out of business due to the COVID-19 pandemic; the owner Leila Rose announced in a blog post on 22 July 2021 and offered 50% closing out sale. She thanked her customers and expressed how amazed she was to see her one impulsive idea changing the lives of so many people.

Different Types to Suit All Weathers

Many brands design convertible travel dresses in several shapes and forms to cater to all kinds of needs. The very first travel dress was created by TravelSupermarket in 2013 after the brand discovered that more than 55% of vacationers wore unsuitable clothing. It was called the Winter Sun Travel Outfit that allowed women to unzip parts of a warm hooded jacket and turn it into a mini-skirt or a strapless dress.

Then more styles entered the market, creating an entire industry of convertible travel clothing. They include shirts, dresses, skirts, bras, cardigans, and even scarves that can be worn in many different ways. Some of these dresses are also reversible which allows wearers to have two-color options in one dress. Some of them even support an inflatable pillow to rest in a plane or a car during the journey.


Where to Get Them?

Each travel dress is made from environmentally friendly material as per the companies, which are dealing in them. Some of the most popular brands include Splice Clothing, Diane Kroe, Encircled, Helene Clarkson, and Birch & Grace Apparel. Other products can also be found on online shopping platforms such as Amazon.

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