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People Troll Pakistani Fashion Designer for Complaining about Petrol Price

Pakistani fashion designer Khadija Shah took to Twitter after the new government decided to increase the price of petrol. Shah mentioned that she filled up her car for 10,000 PKR (50.9 USD) and shockingly asked, “how are ppl going to do this”.

It was funny for the social media users since Shah is the founder of an elite brand, Elan. She also launched her second brand named Zaha, on 30th May 2022. These brands target the elite class with extraordinary prices for mere clothes.

Many users replied with interesting comments to Shah’s tweet. They tried to answer her rhetorical question about how inflation-ridden Pakistani people can manage the latest hike in petrol price.

Why is Pakistani Fashion Designer Shocked at High Petrol Price?

Some users wondered why would an elite Pakistani fashion designer like Khadija Shah was concerned about rising petrol prices. Her status and wealth come with financial freedom, and her product pricing is also not class friendly. Selling her own clothing products for 400,000 PKR and whining about 10,000 PKR of petrol seemed highly hypocritical.

Get an Economical Vehicle

The Pakistani fashion designer also mentioned that her car’s tank required 10,000 PKR of fuel to get full. It suggests that she had one of the elite model cars with higher fuel consumption than others. So, social media users told her to change it and get an economical car to save on fuel expenses.

Stop Buying Ridiculously Expensive Clothes

Some also told the Pakistani fashion designer that people could certainly do this by not buying her overpriced clothes.

End Elite Culture from Clothes

Several brands have been following a dangerous trend of jacking up the prices of their products to portray themselves as elite. Pakistanis suggested Shah take a stand for equality and become the first Pakistani fashion designer to reduce its prices and make it accessible for all classes. They said that it could also help mitigate the impact of petrol bomb on non-elite people.

Reduce Consumption

Several users mentioned how this price hike is only the beginning. Currently, the price has only increased from 179.86 to 209.86 PKR with subsidies. However, economists have predicted a further price increase soon. Users told Shah that people could live with expensive petrol if they reduced their consumption.

People Will Manage

It was hard for people to take this Pakistani fashion designer seriously because if she expected customers to pay 400,000 PKR for her dress then why paying 10,000 PKR was a problem.

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