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Ranveer Singh Nude Photoshoot Goes Viral on Social Media

Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh has set the internet on fire with his latest photoshoot for Paper magazine. The actor, known for his unique fashion sense, appeared in viral pictures making nude poses on a Turkish carpet. Seeing Ranveer Singh nude sent social media into fits. Some praised his daring attitude, while others felt like puking. Either way, Singh’s pictures were able to generate a massive response.

This photoshoot was a tribute to late Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds who also went nude for Cosmopolitan magazine in 1972. Just like Reynolds, Singh’s modesty was also hidden behind shadows. However, it did not stop the internet from having a good time at the actor’s expense.

Ranveer Singh Nude Pictures Spawn Memes

Ranveer Singh nude pictures gave netizens another opportunity to display their creativity with memes. Some edited the pictures to make them look like classic paintings, and others used his expressions to talk about a relatable situation. The pictures also reminded some viewers of the song ‘Apna Time Ayega’ from the film ‘Gully Boy’. Some of its lyrics talked about how humans came into this world naked and left it with no possessions. Viewers joked that Singh might have taken those lyrics seriously and decided to stay in their original form.

Then come those who have turned the viral picture funny by relating them with general expressions. One may wonder what an infant looks like when forced to take a bath while in a tantrum mood.

Peak Attention Seeking Behaviour

Even though many enjoyed the circumstances, Ranveer Singh nude photoshoot failed to impress some critics. Baring it all as a fashion statement has received mixed reviews since the beginning of time. It raises several questions about the reason behind such extreme marketing acts. It was not immediately understood whether it was a political act or another show for attention. However, it certainly annoyed viewers who asked why Singh had to resort to posing nude for a magazine while already being a ridiculously popular global star.

What if it Was A Woman?

A male nude model appearing in a magazine was a refreshing change from the over-sexualization of women. Most companies and brands prefer to show naked women in their ads, which is why some viewers appreciated the change. However, others pointed out how Ranveer Singh nude photos also brought the dark face of society into the light once again. It showed how the comments and remarks on Singh’s pictures were stringly different from what women have received in history for showing much less. Instead of appreciation, a woman has usually faced scathing comments, threats, and verbal abuses for nude photoshoots.

Sometimes the print media does take steps to improve women’s representation in fashion, such as the Vogue Magazine featuring Malala Yousafzai in a Dupatta on the cover of the July 2021 edition.

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