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Malala Vogue Looks Make Her Explain Why She Wears Dupatta

Young activist Malala Yousafzai appeared on the cover of Vogue Magazine which made her followers further proud of her. The most talked-about feature of the Malala Vogue shoot was certainly her iconic headpiece known as dupatta in Pakistan. An active campaigner for safe education for girls posted the image on social media with a powerful message for young girls. She hoped that the cover would encourage more girls like her to unleash that power inside themselves, that has been systematically repressed by external forces.

The shoot is from the photographer Nick Knight and Malala’s cover story has been written by journalist Sirin Kale. Vogue announced that Malala’s video interview would be available on their online platforms from Thursday (3rd June 2021).

Until then Pakistanis gathered on social media to gush over Malala’s looks on Vogue Magazine’s cover. They loved how the education activist carried her dupatta and said beautiful things.

Malala Vogue Looks Wins Hearts

The elegant Malala vogue cover caught the eyes of many who couldn’t wait to indulge in reading about the inspirational voice of the voiceless. They could not get over how graceful she was looking in a dupatta. They also appreciated her for explaining why she wears a dupatta, which is often considered as a tool of repression in the west. She shared her thoughts on how dupatta was a symbol of empowerment for Pashtun women, which was inspiring for many.

Vogue Made it Without Sensuality

Some noted how Vogue’s cover became successful even though no semi-nude skinny models were gracing the covers. It made them question if this is how one can redefine the perception of fashion. There are many standards in the world where people are bound in deciding what should be considered stylish or glamorous. Malala vogue looks may have given an idea that a decent portrayal of women could have also made the fashion industry work instead of exploitation.

A Covered Woman on Western Magazine

Pakistanis were quite impressed by the British magazine’s take on the sensitive matter of Muslim sentiments. It could have easily summoned a barrage of criticism if Vogue did something wrong here. Fortunately, people loved the way a covered woman was portrayed properly in a global magazine. They were glad that Vogue didn’t use some innovative tactics with the dupatta, which probably would have resulted in a backfire.

Maybe it was a first for British Vogue but not for Malala. She has been involved in international media for quite some time now. She has appeared as a guest on the Friends Reunion’s special episode, made a list of Bazaar’s 150 visionary women, got her documentary shortlisted for the Oscars, partners with Apple in production, appeared on David Letterman’s Netflix special, and got included in Google’s #OneDayIWill video that celebrated strong women.

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