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Netflix’s Newest Feature Will Now Charge All Users of the Same Account

Netflix has been adopting new ways to earn more subscribers and a high viewership rate. The recent development in the streaming world revealed that in August, Netflix’s newest feature is charging users using the same account but from different households and IP addresses. This way, people will have to pay extra for all services, including the basic, standard, and premium. The latest update means that screen sharing will reportedly become more expensive than before.

Other than that, the mockery and criticism towards the latest update of Netflix are circling the internet. Netflix might lose more subscribers this way, social media users predicted on the platforms.

How Is Netflix’s Newest Feature Going to Work?

Netflix’s newest feature will charge an extra fee to the subscribers if they are not a part of the same household. Right now, Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru have been targeted for a trial. The platform has decided to provide the standard and premium subscribers with an option to add sub-accounts of those not living with them. Additionally, the holders of sub-account will have their login credentials. Netflix will not be using GPS or other location-based data. Instead, it will extract information from various devices through IP addresses and identify where the sharing occurs.

Netflix Faces Massive Fall In Subscriptions

The subscribers expressed their concerns about shared screens on Netflix, resulting in the loss of about a thousand users at the start of 2022. The announcement of Netflix’s new feature has come as a shock and disappointment to everyone. It resulted in the drop of 200,000 users in the second quarter. Once the feature is applied across the globe, it is expected that Netflix will lose another 2 million subscribers.

Netflix to Face Consequences In the Future?

Well, even after a massive decrease in subscriptions, Netflix feels proud of its 200 million users, which are likely to go lower due to the new feature. This doesn’t mean Netflix will go out of business and lose its top position in the market. The Netflix and Microsoft team-up plan is another strategy in motion to save itself from the recent downfall.

Social media users suggest that the streaming giant could get rid of the problem by reducing the prices again. However, It all depends on the results to be gained after Netflix’s newest feature starts running. Still, the near future looks like a roller coaster ride for Netflix.

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