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What Exactly Is The Pink Sauce and Why is it Getting Viral?

TikTok is a brand known for making trends go viral. Whether it’s videos, clothes, or songs, TikTokers turn things into trends that keep on circling on the internet for months. The recent trending thing is the Pink Sauce created by a TikToker named Chef Pii. The name is enough to understand what this sauce might be like. However, People are wondering about its unusual colour and taste. The pink bottle is the weirdest thing on the internet, as per the netizen community. Although many have bought it for $20, they tasted it and gave mixed views about the new sauce in the market.

TikToker Pii and Her Pink Sauce

Pii is a chef who has made the dipping pink sauce for multiple food items like chicken, tacos, cucumbers, and big macs. Since mid-June, she created and started posting about her creation to attract people to it. Her plan worked as the public was intrigued by the idea of dipping sauce which was pink in colour. They asked if the item was for sale and turned out to be buying it for $20.  Sooner, TikTokers began making videos and reviewing the product.

Public Reviews

As the latest TikTok trend continued to spread on social media platforms, the reactions and reviews about the pink sauce started flooding the outlets. TikTokers and other consumers first talked about the packaging they didn’t appreciate much. After that, the colour was mocked and criticised since it was always different in a new bottle. People said, they were unsure about the consistency of the colour because it was at times, barbie pink and sometimes, it was light pink. The taste was also different for everyone who tasted it. That led to the wonderment about its texture, which also altered its form.

The memes also crawled towards the sauce as trollers were mocking it for the typos written on the bottles. Instead of nutrients, random numbers and symbols are written on the packaging. The label had 444 servings written on it which was confusing for almost everyone who bought it. Many were just concerned about the safety of using the newly formed pink dip flavour fluid. The most common comment for a reaction on social media was “disgusting”.

Chef Pii’s Response

Chef Pii posted an apology video on the internet saying that having 444 servings on the label of pink sauce was a mix-up, and her team would change that. She also stated that “I am only human, I am not perfect”. She added that the product was according to FDA’s standards but was undergoing lab testing. Pii concluded by saying she would lower the price and bring the product to the stores soon.

Like Chef Pii, many TikTokers are gaining social media fame through unusual means. Just like a Y Tho meme helps a TikTok user land a job interview. The incident turned out to be intriguing for many on the internet. 

Ahmad Akbar
Ahmad Akbar
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