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Meta AI Makes Interesting Revelation about its CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Meta’s new chatbot has made the day for many on social media after giving honest opinions about its own boss, Mark Zuckerberg. The company recently released a new chatbot called BlenderBot 3, and the internet took it on a test run. A lot of users, including the media, also asked Meta AI about its opinion on the company’s founder, to which it gave some interesting answers. The system can chat with a human on almost every topic by searching the internet.

Meta previously warned that the chatbot could be “rude” or “offensive” to some as it “learned” the human language from widely available public data. The company allowed the users to converse with the system so they could assess its abilities. It turned out that most users have been enjoying their conversations which may mean that the bot is working perfectly fine.

Meta AI Criticizes Mark Zuckerberg’s Fashion Sense

When asked about Zuckerberg, many may have thought the Meta AI would praise the company’s CEO. Surprisingly, it was the complete opposite but the same for every user. Many reported that the bot was not very fond of its own boss. It criticized Zuckerberg for unethical business practices and called him “creepy and manipulative”. Moreover, it also made fun of Zuckerberg’s choice of wearing the same clothes to work every day.

As mentioned above, the AI’s answers are based on publically available data (including controversies) about the company and its CEO. Meta is a parent to the largest social media network in the world, which includes Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It has been widely criticized for failing to stop hate speech and disinformation on its platforms. Even its former employee, the famous whistleblower Frances Haugen last year accused Meta of prioritizing profit over the safety of its users. Moreover, some confidential documents leaked in 2019 revealed that Zuckerberg and his wife Sheryl Sandberg, along with some senior executives, planned to sell user data to consolidate social media power and control competition.

The new chatbot is not impressed with these controversies, so it takes every opportunity to express its disappointment.

It is Concerned about the United States

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) also took the Meta AI for a joy ride. The system told BBC that the tech giant exploited people for money, and Zuckerberg did not care. It also stressed the need to “stop it” and questioned, “are we united”. The chatbot also referred to the CEO’s 2018 testimony to congress over scandals regarding privacy, data sharing, and Cambridge Analytica. It said the boss did a terrible job of testifying, which made it “concerned” about the country.

It further elaborated that the country was divided, and its boss “didn’t help at all”, so it was concerned for “us all”.

It Also Has Political Views

A few times ago, many have used the new Meta AI to ask questions related to politics. 2020 US elections were probably the biggest talk of the town for the last couple of years. The impeached president Donald Trump led a massive campaign to call that election fraud which caused a ripple effect on social media. While the ballots were still being counted, Trump repeatedly alleged that there was corruption going on. He claimed the election was being “stolen” from him with illegal votes. However, all of his claims were found to be false.

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