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Social Media Calls to Boycott Zara after Anti-Palestine Remarks

Boycott Zara has been trending on Twitter ever since the iconic brand displayed anti-Palestine tendencies. According to reports, a Muslim male model Qaher Harhash posted something in favor of Palestine, which was unacceptable for a senior executive at Zara.

The head designer Vanessa Perilman defended Israel and blamed Palestinians for violence and terrorism in Gaza, West Bank, and Jerusalem. She made hateful comments against Palestinians and insulted the Muslim of Qaher, who exposed the entire conversation on social media. After witnessing the views of one of the biggest clothing stores in the world, people may have regretted paying for its products.

Boycott Zara for Supporting Human Rights Abuses

Pro-Palestine activists started a #BoycottZara trend on social media and urged others to follow till the elite brand made amends for supporting human rights abuses against Palestinians.

According to a UN report, there are 112 confirmed businesses that are linked to illegal settlements in Israel. The companies include Motorola Solutions, General Mills, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and Zara’s defence of Israeli violence led many to think that other rich companies might also be involved in similar stuff. Hence, Zara too came under the bus when some users explained how they have already boycotted the elitist brands who leech off of manual labor and spew hate against marginalized communities. Critics assumed that Zara was also among those 112 business entities that fully support the illegal settlement movement in Israel.

The Brand Fails to Apologize for the Real Mistake

Reportedly, the brand did not take any action but Vanessa deleted her social media accounts following the backlash. Apparently, she texted the male model afterward stating that she was sorry about what she said in a fit of rage. The designer mentioned that she and her kids were receiving death threats after Qaher leaked the conversation on the internet. Then she admitted that she was fed up with people criticizing Israel, which also meant that she wasn’t really sorry for supporting Israeli aggression on Palestinians. As a result, the male model leaked her messages again and refused to accept an irrelevant apology.

The Issue of Islamophobia

By exposing the conversation, the model and the supporters of the Palestine movement threatened to boycott Zara in order to raise a point. They expected the elite brand to acknowledge Islamophobia that is systematically disregarded by Western and European culture. An example of this can be seen in the remarks of the French President after a teacher shared cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and got killed. Interestingly, Zara’s massive consumer base mostly includes Muslims. Therefore, if they actually boycott Zara, the brand could lose some serious business.

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