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With New Windows 11 Microsoft Is All Set to Discontinue Windows 10

Microsoft Corporation announced to conclude the support for windows 10 in 2025. The tech company previously stated that the currently operational OS will experience another update. This could be the last update for the 10th installment before its final run, according to Microsoft. In this scenario, the assumptions predict that a replacement is already in making. The users might shift to a new Windows 11 after the company discontinues windows 10. The leaks about the design, appearance, and features of the supposed new operating system are also taking much attention on the internet. If a much more innovative version is coming for PC users, this seems like a piece of exciting news for those who admire the company for its updates and operations. 

New Windows 11 Leaks 

On June 15, 2021, a whole outlook along with the features and appearance of the new Windows 11 leaked on the internet. The leaks revealed the user interface which includes the start menu, taskbar, startup sound, and a few other features. In comparison with Windows 10, the 11th installment isn’t much different. The updated operating system shows newness in its taskbar that has aliened the icons in the center and popups appear when the user clicks on any of those icons. The senior editor at The Verge, Tom Warren posted a recorded video of windows 11 screen on social media. In the video, the viewers can see the properties of the 11th version of windows, the name tag, and its functioning. 

Tom shared the OS startup sound which will be the new Microsoft signature sound if the 11th installment comes into existence. 

coming to the further features of the new OS, the leaked video shows that windows might be bringing back the widget options similar to its prior versions. Previously, the users had admired having widgets on Windows 7 desktop screen. Maybe, this is the reason Microsoft is reviving the trend. 

Another feature of the 11th version is its snap controls that the users can manage from the maximize symbol on the applications. The function allows the users to arrange windows in multiple segments or sections on the home screen. Lastly, the tech giant is probably giving final touches to the app store, as per the reports. The leaks haven’t shown any further functions but the users can assume the vastness of new gadgets, specifications, and aspects of the latest and upcoming installment.  

Is Microsoft Copying Apple?

Microsoft is supposedly trying to copy Apple’s interface. Some social media users noticed the similarities between Apple OS and the new windows 11. Apparently, they think that the justified icons and popup feature are quite similar to Apple’s desktop screen. Some Twitter users made fun of the uncanny resemblance; Microsoft tried to keep it different but failed miserably. 

Many Apple users who came to know about the alleged stunt performed by Microsoft opined that the tech company might want to increase the user traffic on their OS. As per their perception, the Microsoft competitor has the most attractive interface around the globe which makes it different and unique among others. Though, coping with the OS format would also raise the possibility of jeopardizing the present user rate of Microsoft. 

Microsoft’s Future Planning 

The tech giant is cooking some great meals in the world of technology. Thus, information about the new windows 11 is believable for the users. Also, the company’s decision of ending the source of Windows 10 in near future and recently announcing to discontinue internet explorer to replace it with new Microsoft Edge makes people sure about the giant’s plans towards innovation. 

Despite all the anticipations wonderments regarding the new Windows 11, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed anything about its arrival. Although, the leaked design and features tell a different story, according to reports.  

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