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How Cristiano Ronaldo Messed Up Coca-Cola’s Market Value Big Time?

The beverage giant lost at least 4 billion USD after Cristiano Ronaldo annoyingly removed Coca-Cola bottles from his vicinity. The football star was present at Euro 2020 press conference and drinks were there a refreshment. However, the Portugal captain disgruntledly replaced them with a nearby water bottle and said “Coca-Cola, ugh!”.

The video of the incident went viral on social media, resulting in applaud for the striker and some trolling for the Coca-Cola Company.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo Doesn’t Like Coca-Cola?

Ronaldo was always a health freak and he made it clear by holding the water bottle high and saying “Agua!” (Portuguese for water), encouraging people to drink water instead of carbonated drinks. He once complained about the habits of his son as well that the little boy had potential but drank too much coke.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s battle with Coca-Cola is eternal due to the disadvantages of sugary drinks. Besides causing fat, sugary soda contains no essential nutrients, there are only sugar and unnecessary calories.

Additionally, the superstar might not have been as rigid about coke in the past. According to the reports, he was seen drinking a can himself in his younger days. One of his Manchester United teammates, Ryan Giggs saw him bring a can of coke to breakfast. Giggs was a bit harsh to CR7 as athletes would prefer to avoid fizzy drinks.

What is the Response from The Coca-Cola Company?

The drinks giant faced a marketing nightmare after a big star preferred water over Coke. Its share price dropped 1.6% to 55.22 USD from 56.10 USD as soon as Ronaldo made that gesture. Coca-Cola’s market value came down from 242 billion USD to 238 billion USD, after losing 4 billion USD in under 30 minutes.

According to many observers, Cristiano Ronaldo may have hurt some serious sentiments of Coco-Cola’s owners. The company is one of the 6 official sponsors of the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament along with Heineken, TikTok, and Vivo. Reportedly, the giant responded to the incident by saying that everyone with different tastes and needs was entitled to choose their own drinks.

Coke also added that they offer Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar along with water bottles to the players arriving at the press conference.

Reaction from the Crowd

The majority of the crowd appreciated the player for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Health is a global concern right now due to fears caused by contagious diseases like COVID-19. The incident also made the fans troll some other famous celebrities who sidelined health benefits while promoting fizzy drinks.

The storm of memes kept on coming and also dragged the person who placed Coca-Cola on the table of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The public enjoyed the circumstances for a reason involving another influential person. Recently, Elon Musk made some cryptic statements for his followers which manipulated the stock market and crypto market multiple times.

One example is the recent rise in GameStop Stocks after Musk supported its performance on the stock market. It shows how public figures with massive followings can make notable differences in the global market for a product, service, or cause.

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