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Why is Samsung A Series Better than Galaxy M Smartphones?

The tech giant, Samsung has launched duplicity of phone series Including Note, M, S, X, Z, and A series smartphones. The diversity in all the six models reflects a variety in specifications, designs, features, and most importantly price ranges. Every series that the company has introduced, represents the specified consumer market. For instance, the note and S phones are considered flagships and elite series smartphones with advanced features. The target audience for these two is customers with big pockets. A and M series on the other hand are created for those who can afford midrange smartphones. The question here is that what makes A and M phones different from each other and which type is the better one to use. 

Samsung A Series Smartphones

The A-series smartphones offer precise features that are absolutely necessary. In other words, the phones only deliver what the users need rather than what they desire. Also, the tech company has kept the idea of low budget target market which requires certain aspects in their phones that could help them in daily life along with fulfilling the need for entertainment. So, what do these customers or users look for in a Samsung device that makes the phones a perfect choice for them? Mostly, people who have an eye for a loaded phone in terms of specs but with a limited price range in mind, go for A-models.

The reason is that the A-phones usually resemble the Flagships. Their shape, functions, OS, Interface, and software versions are similar to the Galaxy S and Note mobiles. For instance, the recently launched galaxy A32, A52, and A72 have the almost same shape as the Samsung Note phones. The four rear cameras with a wide-body and drop notch and punched hole display on the screen, which is also a trend nowadays in the smartphone industry. 

These 3 smartphones have certain things that can be considered common in Samsung’s big phones. The shape, storage, ram, and camera quality are sort of similar to Note 20 ultra’s features and appearance. Other than that, the A-group has some models that became old after the arrival of the mentioned three phones. But they are still believed to be the most compatible A-models. In 2019, the top 3 bestselling Samsung, as well as bestselling android smartphones, were A10, A20, and A50. 

What Makes M Series not a Good Choice?

M series lack the basic specs that the customers want in a good phone. Surely it also keeps up with the trend as the shapes are new and popular but not all the phones of this series meet the customers’ expectations. The reason is that the low-budget phones under the price of Rs 15000 are also good at presenting poor performance quality. The tech giant was not designed to provide such phones in the market. From the very first day the company introduced SH-100, the first-ever antenna phone, it became a status symbol. According to some Samsung users, the M series is overrated and some of its models are just pathetic as their price is high but functions are below average.

The latest M21 is a giant smartphone with a slow (Samsung Exynos 9611) chipset. The CPU (2.3 GHz, Octa Core Processor) is fine but it doesn’t give the quality performance due to the incompatible chipset. Its price is more than RS 30,000 but it won’t satisfy the user with 4GB ram and 64GB storage. At a similar price, a Samsung user can buy A32 with more preferable features i.e., 6GB Ram, 128GB storage, and 64Mp camera. If the comparison is between M and A series Samsung smartphones. The M type doesn’t come at cheap prices but it sure has fewer features than other groups. 

The Tech Giant Needs To Up Its Game 

Samsung has a way of attracting criticism upon itself by producing certain smartphones which don’t even stand a chance against their competitors. It also launches smartphones quickly without letting the previous models stay in the market for a bit longer. For instance, in 2019, it introduced A10, A30, A50, which didn’t stay in the market and became outdated as soon as their upgraded versions stepped in. A30s was a poorly designed phone with an internal fingerprint scanner that was very slow at unlocking the phone. But it broke the market for its predecessor A30. People stopped buying a phone with a 1080p resolution switched it with a phone having a 720p screen-res just to stay upgraded. This is one of the drawbacks of the company, according to some consumers.

This is the reason that Samsung A series phones which are much better than its flagships get beaten by certain new models which are not even considered a preferable option. This might be another reason for Apple and other smartphone companies to stay ahead of the tech giant in some aspects.

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