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Why DC Removed Batman and Catwoman Sex Scene From TV Series?

Leaders at DC Comics removed a Batman and Catwoman sex scene in the adult animated series Harley Quinn. The show airs on HBO Max and centers around the infamous villain voiced by Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory). Although it got pretty crude and vile humor, the creators of the series were not allowed to include graphic sex involving cunnilingus. Reportedly the studio refused to show Batman performing oral sex on Catwoman by saying “heroes don’t do that”. It made Batman seemed like a selfish lover which angered many of the character’s fans.

The studio claimed that such a connection between two characters was inappropriate, as they have been originally written for children. They mentioned that publishers were also worried about the superhero brand if he’s seen doing such activity. This reasoning by DC did not sit well with fans of the lore who proceeded to troll the film studio on social media.

Removing Batman and Catwoman Sex Scene Doesn’t Make Sense

Reportedly, the creators wanted to make full use of creative freedom but DC studio did not acknowledge that. It thought that the Batman brand toys won’t sell if he went down on someone. Social media users have pointed out how DC has never stopped showing sex scenes before. They were wondering why the company was being hypocritical now that it involves a particular sex act.

Non-Stop Memes on the Decision of DC Comics

Viewers kept on sharing memes to re-educate DC comics on what heroes are. It was like that the studio was saying that a fictional rich guy, on a self-less crusade, would make love to a woman in a selfish manner. The comic studio may have degraded their own character with some conflicting ideas about sex.

It has led many to troll batman’s character as well for not willing to please his partner. Some reckoned that Bruce Wayne’s love interest in younger years, Rachel Dawes may have left him for Harvey Dent for the same reason.

Many were relieved after knowing that Batman was not good in all the skills after all. They were probably much well-versed in the matter at hand than Batman.

The Batman and Catwoman sex scene story has also found its way into the famous Anakin and Padme meme, taken from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. The user showed how Batman would alienate Catwoman after a one-way trip.

Some viewers shared a scene from Under the Red Hood, where Batman explained to Jason Todd (Red Hood) why he didn’t kill his enemies. He said that if he allowed himself to go down that place, he’ll never come back. The dialogue is giving off a different meaning after this news.

Brand’s Sale Opportunities

Considering the remarks from users, it seemed like DC was probably wrong about its toy sales decreasing after showing the hero performing oral sex. The deleted Batman and Catwoman sex scene may have opened up new opportunities in terms of toy sales because sex and toys have gone well with each other for many businesses. Moreover, Batman has that resourceful gadget belt that may present more ideas for new toys.

There are some pretty fascinating features attached to the bat suit. One of them is the long ears on the cowl, designed to intimidate the enemies of Batman. However, some viewers saw it as a perfect prop for kinky playtime, which DC couldn’t let happen.

Well its not totally clear whether Batman is into oral sex but here are 7 things that Batman certainly won’t do.

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