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Who is the Wife of YouTuber Raza Samo?

Famous Pakistani YouTuber Raza Samo has delighted his fans by sharing pictures and videos of his wedding on social media. According to reports, the artist announced in October that he would be getting married, and the ceremony was held last week. Netizens have been sending him best wishes for a happy life ahead with his gorgeous wife, Moona. They cannot stop gushing at how cute and pretty she looks in a bridal dress. Many of them are curious to know who she is and how the couple meets.

Pictures of Raza Samo and Moona

Here are the pictures from the wedding that have sunned the viewers. Other celebrities and content creators like Yasir Hussain and Rahim Pardesi congratulated the couple in the comments. Both look adorable in traditional wedding dresses. Samo is wearing a white tribal shalwar kameez with a matching turban, and Moona is rocking a bright red lehenga.

Wedding Vlog

Raza has also introduced his wife on his YouTube channel, revealing how both met. It was exactly like he said in the video, truly unbelievable. Moona from Hyderabad was a massive fan of Samo before the marriage. She described liking him immediately after watching his videos on social media during the coronavirus lockdown in 2020. Her feelings led her to draw a portrait of Samo, which she managed to send him through his sister. Upon receiving the heartfelt gift, Samo saw who she was and instantly fell in love with her. He said he contacted Moona and directly asked her to marry him, skipping the small talk. The YouTuber has also thanked the parties involved in his wedding ceremony and his shift from Lahore to Karachi.

One of the Top Pakistani YouTubers

Raza Samo is one of the most popular YouTubers in Pakistan, with more than 680,000 subscribers. He started his career with a group of friends in an initial channel called Khujlee Family in 2015. later, the group broke up, and Raza continued with his own channel. He focused on making funny videos, vlogs and roasting content. His choice of words, which is often criticized for being suggestive, helped him gain a significant following.

Samo has also impressed the audience with his acting skills in the YouTube web series Inspector Bulla, starring Rahim Pardesi, Ducky Bhai, Simi Raheel, and Nayyar Ejaz.

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