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Everything that Kanye West Has Lost Due to His Anti-Semitic Remarks

Famous American rapper Kanye West who goes by the name Ye has gone from hero to zero for his racist remarks against the Jewish community. Posting hate speech about the Jews has reportedly reduced Kanye from a billionaire to a millionaire while causing a considerable loss to his reputation among fans, colleagues and people close to him. Whether these are the fashion brands like Balenciaga and Adidas or the fashion magazine Vogue, everyone seems to have boycotted Ye, even at the cost of personal loss.

Here is how much the singer has suffered so far.

Law Firms, Banks and Hollywood Financiers Shutting Doors on Kanye West

Saying that he will go death con 3 on Jewish people has not only made Kanye lose endorsement from influential fashion brands but also assistance from legal and financial institutions. JP Morgan Chase bank terminated its relations with Yeezay LLC and affiliated entities without giving any reason. The bank has given the deadline of November 21 to the company for finding another financial institution. 

Attorney Robert Stephan Cohen of the law firm that acted on behalf of Kanye in the case of his divorce from celebrity influencer Kim Kardashian has also stopped working for the singer. Famous lawyer Camilla Vasquez has also reportedly refused to work for his client Ye unless he apologizes for his anti-Semitic remarks. 

Famous fashion magazine Vogue is already boycotting Kanye for wearing a White Lives Matter shirt on the eve of a fashion show in Paris. Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, the fashion editor of Vogue who commented on the controversial slogan shirt, in return, received comments on her body appearance from Kanye, sparking reactions from the biggies like Gigi Hadid. So, it was after this incident that the fashion magazine had already stopped working with the rapper. Ye earlier faced a huge backlash and even a lawsuit from Floyd’s family for his brutal and hurtful remarks against George Floyd, who became the victim of Police brutality. 

Fashion Brands Choosing Loss Over Kanye

Ye has been the face of many fashion brands for years. Adidas sarcastically said Bye to Kanye’s Yeezy line. According to Forbes, the disclosure of a $247 million loss to Adidas as a result of the cut in sales of Yeezy has made the company lose a total of $650 million due to a further decline in share prices. 

Kanye walked the ramp for Balenciaga on Paris Fashion Week. This fashion brand not only cut ties with him but also removed the pictures of him wearing their products from the website.  

Gap also announced to shut the YeezyGap.Com while terminating its collaboration with Ye because of his hate speech against the Jews. According to media reports, after being shunned by all these places, Kanye West reached the corporate headquarters of the shoe brand Sketchers for possible collaboration. However, he, along with his party, was escorted out of the site.

Kim Kardashian about the Remarks of His Ex-Husband

It appears that 2022 has not been so good for the ‘I’m a God’ singer who earlier made headlines for his divorce from his wife Kim Kardashian, who is now dating Pete Davidson. Keep up with Kardashians star also shared her opinion on this matter. She stated on social media that hate speech was never excusable and stood together with the Jewish community.

Kanye in a podcast with Piers Morgan earlier, defended his remarks. Still, he later tendered an apology to the people and families he hurt for his death con 3 statements on Jews. Whether his confused apology, just like his confusion-causing comments, will make him gain his lost reputation and wealth is yet to be seen in future.

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