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Ranveer Singh Casting in Don 3 Sparks Mixed Response

Ranveer Singh has officially landed the coveted role of Don in the third chapter of the blockbuster series. The news has divided public opinion as most of the Bollywood fans were hoping to see Shah Rukh Khan return in Don 3. However, the King reportedly decided to exit the franchise earlier this year due to creative reasons.

The role eventually went to the rising star of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh. He is known for his charismatic presence and versatile acting prowess. His work in films like Ram-Leela (2012), Bajirao Mastani (2015), Padmavaat (2018), and Gully Boy (2019) garnered significant attention from Bollywood viewers. Despite delivering several hits, many still doubt his ability to successfully take over the mantle.

The enigmatic and formidable character is also played by Amitabh Bachchan in the past. While both actors delivered a convincing performance, SRK’s portrayal was especially popular. His omission from Don 3 broke many hearts, but also granted others an opportunity to see a new superstar in the iconic role. The film is scheduled for release in 2025.

Ranveer Singh Has Legendary Shoes to Fill in Don 3

The Don franchise has a storied legacy, with each actor bringing their unique charm to the character. Amitabh Bachchan’s portrayal set the foundation in 1978, while SRK made it his own in 2006 and 2011 installments. Now, Ranveer Singh is expected to infuse a new dimension into the character, as fans eagerly await the next chapter in this action-packed saga.

Nevertheless, the selection of a new Don sparked a range of opinions within the audience. Many lauded Singh’s commanding screen presence and aptness for the role, while others raised doubts about the decision. They drew parallels between his portrayal and those of SRK and Amitabh. Some staunchly defended the notion that each actor infused their own distinctive flavor into the character, adding a layer of complexity to the discourse.

No SRK, No Don

Expressing their disappointment on social media, many have said that Ranveer Singh is not suitable for the role and that he will ruin the legacy of Don. Some fans have even started a petition to bring back SRK as Don. They probably don’t know that SRK is more interested in doing commercial films like Pathan from now on. Don 3 certainly doesn’t fall under that category.

Replacing the King is never easy. The enormous fan base of SRK is unable to accept someone else playing the lead in Don 3. Many questioned Farhan Akhter why he named the movie “Don 3” when there was no SRK in the film. This is how synonymous Khan has become with the role. His fans may not have anything against Singh but for them SRK will always be the Don.

As for the humorous reactions, some fans couldn’t resist dishing out some side-splitting comparisons. On one hand, there are SRK and Amitabh Bachchan’s performances and on the other, their wild predictions for what Ranveer Singh’s Don might shape up to be in this rebooted edition.

Next Big Thing or Next Available Thing?

Apart from the jokes and mockery, some of the public views provided a harsh reality check. There’s no doubt Singh is a talented actor but his portrayal of Don in the upcoming movie underscores a broader issue in Bollywood.

While the choice of Ranveer as Don is seen as a major success, it also draws attention to the fact that there seems to be a scarcity of top-tier superstars in the industry. This adds to the idea that a few actors are shouldering multiple major projects, while other equally talented performers are not being granted similar opportunities.

The dynamic of big Bollywood projects being concentrated around a few established stars leaves lesser-utilized actors in the background. Ranveer Singh’s multiple high-profile roles are a symbol of this phenomenon.

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