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The Story of Pakistani Bean who Once Performed in Zimbabwe is Making People Crazy


Pakistani Bean is the latest source of entertainment on Twitter. The character based on Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean came to the limelight during the hype of a cricket match between Pakistan and Zimbabwe tomorrow, October 26. When Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) promoted the game on Twitter, a Zimbabwe fan brought attention to this Pakistani lookalike of Mr Bean. Zimbabweans remember him from a Comedy Night in 2016, to which he was also invited. Pakistanis who just discovered him cannot stop sharing his clips from that Zimbabwe tour where he was seen greeting the people of Zimbabwe while being escorted by the police.

Who is this Pakistani Bean?

It is true that Rowan Atkinson is a legendary actor, and no one can replicate what he has done in the role of Mr Bean. However, this Pakistani Bean has done an excellent job of taking inspiration and using the famous persona to make people laugh. His name is Asif Muhammad, and he is known across Pakistan for his uncanny resemblance to the original character. Sometimes he looks so real that it becomes difficult to tell him apart from the original. Besides the looks, he also acts in a similar manner. Atkinson describes the character as “a child trapped in a grown man’s body”, which Asif also portrays perfectly. His act has made many viewers curious, making them want to know more about him.

Where Have We Seen Him Before?

Many viewers also noticed that they remembered Pakistani Bean from somewhere. He used to appear in advertisements mainly for Habib Bank Limited (HBL). There is also a YouTube channel, ‘Mr Bean pk’ dedicated to all of his videos. Here is one of those funny commercials featuring Pak Bean and his only friend, Teddy.

Pakistan’s Fascination with Replicas

In Pakistan, it is common for consumers to go for replicas when they can’t access or afford brands. It turns out that just like clothes, shoes, and smartphones, celebrities also have replica options in the form of lookalikes. In a population of 220 million, there is a huge opportunity of finding a doppelganger to export, like this Pakistani Bean. A few years back, a citizen spotted a lookalike of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan in Karachi’s Bolton Market. It also sparked a lot of funny responses on social media, just like it has with Pak Bean. Here’s one impressed by the ability of Asif to find a gig in another country.

The same user shared another video featuring Atkinson explaining how the audience reacted after seeing him in public. It may relate to the reaction of Zimbabweans when they see the real Mr Bean, whose a lot thinner than the Pakistani version they got to see.