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Most Famous Tiktokers In Pakistan With Millions Of Followers

TikTok is one of the widely famous apps around the globe since a huge number of people find it attractive and amusing. The application was started as a time-killing platform for people who like to make videos and entertain others with their skills. While TikTok was already gaining popularity it became more popular in the world amidst coronavirus pandemic. In countries like Pakistan where smartphone users are increasing day by day, there are millions of TikTok users. The most famous tiktokers in Pakistan have millions of viewers and followers that supposedly admire the work of these personalities.   

Most Famous TikTokers in Pakistan- Sensation for Youngsters

Due to the technological advancements, divirse people who possess some sort of entertaining talent wishes to find a medium to showcase his/her skills. Ergo, the apps like TikTok comes in handy to present their services to such people. 

As far as the video-making platform is concerned, it has been providing duplicity of opportunities to those who have been searching for a chance to amuse others. In Pakistan, the trend is expanding to great limits since many youngsters and even old age people are joining the platform. They make all sorts of videos including funny, serious, inspirational, and so forth. More importantly, these teens are making money by showcasing their talent on Tiktok as well as on several other social media sites. 

Not everyone seems to like TikTok as people have different views. Several critics argue that the content offered by TikTok is questionable. The criticism even resulted in the ban of the account in October 2020, prompting people to make funny memes about it. 

However, the app resurfaced and emerged stronger than ever as its users and followers of the influencers increased.

Here are the 10 Most famous Pakistani tiktokers:  

Jannat Mirza


Today, a great deal of Pakistani social media users recognize Jannat Mirza because of her Tiktok videos. Mirza is famous for her lip-sync, dance, and comedy videos on the platform. She gained followers in no time as a few months back, she had 10 million followers. However, today she is leading with 13.3 million viewers and followers, which makes her one of the most famous TikTokers of Pakistan in 2021. 

Also, she enjoyed the perks of being a celebrity since many of her followers asked her to come back to Pakistan when she moved to Japan after the TikTok ban. Allegedly, she also faced negativity due to her decision of leaving the country. 

Zulqarnain Sikandar 


Zulqarnain Sikandar is also known by the name Chaudhary Zulqarnain which is his social media username. After Jannat Mirza, Sikandar is the second most followed person on Tiktok in Pakistan with 11.2 million followers. His admirers like his content since the locations of his videos assumably attract people much. Furthermore, as many tiktokers and social media crawlers say, his way of collaborating with other TikTok users is what makes him famous and admired. Moreover, Ch. Sikandar is also into promotional videos of different brands which is a major factor causing a massive increase in his followers’ rate day by day.  

Kanwal Aftab 


The official account of Kanwal goes by the username Kanwal.135. She is one famous tiktokers with multiple fan-accounts that people run in her name. Interestingly, even her fan-based TikTok accounts have thousands of viewers and followers. According to multiple views by social media users, she started making videos on her university campus (university of Central Punjab), from where she initially grasped the attention of students.   

Hoor Mahaveera


Most of the people who are fond of tiktokers and the application as well, consider Hoor Mahaveera as one of the most active TikTok personality. In several individual’s opinions, she uploads more than one video on daily basis. Maybe, this counts as one of the reasons for her popularity. Mahaveera runs multiple accounts on different mediums including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to acquire more traffic. Besides, she is about to touch 11 million followers soon. 

Areeka Haq 


Areeka Haq seems to be one of the most famous tiktokers with good creative skills. Her videos get attention due to her uniqueness, inventiveness, and her dedication to her work. More than 8 million people follow her on the popular video-making application. 

Ali (Khan) Haidrabadi 


Ali khan Haidrabadi is known for his intense as well as funny content on TikTok. Not only he has a huge number of followers but also the total sum of likes on his videos is 738.1 million. However, a few months back, his name was a hot topic for almost every TikTok and social media user since the news about his accident and death hit people like a truck. After that, everyone wondered if he was dead or not. Nonetheless, Ali Haidrabadi is fine and making content daily as his profile can prove it too. 

Nadeem Nani Wala 


Apart from the 8.4 million views which make Nadeem Mubark one of the most famous tiktokers of Pakistan, he has also been on the other side of popularity. In simpler words, Nadeem Nani Wala’s leaked Video with Hareem Shah made the public curious. Some criticized whereas many trolled TikTok. Also, some time back, he was badly beaten by a group of individuals in Lahore, Pakistan. All in All, Nadeem has been facing ups and downs in his way towards popularity on TikTok. 



Dolly is recognized as a fashion icon on multiple social media platforms aside from being a TikTok personality. Even many of her videos on the lip-syncing application reveal her enthusiasm towards style, clothes, and fashion. Although, she vividly gained acknowledgment from the social media sites but particularly, Tiktok. 

Tauqeer Ahmad (Phulloo)


Tauqeer Ahmad who is also known as Phoollu belongs to Dhok Shahani, a town. He is a father and was a daily wager before coming on TikTok and other social media platforms. Reportedly, he used to earn Rs 600 a day after work. However, today, he is an influencer who earns through paid promotions and branding.  

Manahil Malik 


Many people know Manahil Malik as one of the most famous tiktokers of 2021. Though, some time back, she was brutally disparaged by Pakistanis because of the news of her leaked pictures and videos. Funny thing is that she gained viewers after the alleged scandal. Though she kept on making videos and uploading content regardless of the controversies associated with her. 

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