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Nadeem Nani Wala Leaked Video With Hareem Shah Faces Criticism

A leaked video of Nadeem Nani Wala with Hareem Shah is making Pakistanis criticize TikTok all over again. The video which is few seconds long allegedly shows Hareem being filmed while being in bed.

Nadeem Nani Wala and Hareem Shah Leaked Video Scandal

Nadeem Mubark and Hareem Shah are both popular TikTok stars in Pakistan. Recently, their supposed sensual video went viral on social media. Although the video did not reveal much, however, it showed their faces and how they were together without clothes under the sheets in bed. The video was only about a few seconds in which Nadeem was filming and Hareem Shah was trying to hide her face. 

People are guessing about who is responsible for sharing or uploading the video on social media. However, the actual induvial behind this is yet to be exposed. 

This has become a daily basis thing: every day a new video comes out revealing a celebrity unethical and inappropriate act. Just like last year in November, the singer Rabi Peerzada’s private videos and pictures went viral on social media

Public Accusing TikTok Users for Spreading Immorality

According to different public views, the application users who call themselves TikTok stars, are all spreading inappropriateness. For many, it is unambiguous that why media promotes these people.


A good number of individuals are suggesting that this viral video is nothing but a publicity stunt. Presumably, the accusation may be right because of the previous actions of a few TikTok personalities. To acknowledge this piece of suggestion, some people gave reference to the scenario when Adil Rajput’s wife allegedly faked his death to increase the number of followers. 

Public Concerns 

The problem with Nadeem Nani Wala and Hareem Shah’s leaked video is that it leaves bad influence on children who also happen to be TikTok users. The children admire these so-called stars, which is one of the concerning factors because when the popular identities give a negative image of themselves, it affects the admirers too. Youngsters probably learn from their actions that means they might also follow in their footsteps. In that case, the little fans may learn something unworthy. 

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