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TikToker Adil Rajput’s Wife Allegedly Fakes Husband’s Death

Recently, one of the popular TikToker Adil Rajput’s wife made a video in which she stated that her husband had a terrible accident which he could not survive. She kept on crying while delivering the message. Later, her husband Adil came home alive with some bandages on his head, arm, and leg. The video and Adil being alive caused a dilemma: whether he actually had an accident or was it just for the sake of getting public attention. However, the scenario has left Pakistanis in shock.

What happened to TikToker Adil Rajput? 

According to a video made by TikToker Adil Rajput’s wife, he had an accident which apparently he didn’t survive. As she got the news of her husband passing away, her very first instinct was to make a TikTok video in order to inform his fans about his death. The video got viral on social media that made people feel bad for Adil and his family. But the mourning didn’t continue for much longer because the deceased decided not to stay dead. Presumably, he preferred to live and came back home to settle among the living again. Pubic noticed this and expressed their feelings regarding the allegedly planned act of death by Adil and his wife.

Some people curiously raised the question of how a person can think of making a video when he/she is certain that his/her loved one has passed away. There could have been many reactions to someone’s being dead, but making a video about it in that particular moment isn’t the one. 

Is Tiktok nothing but an attention-seeking tool?

Tiktok has become a very popular application around the globe, but especially in Pakistan where there is no lack of TikTok addicts. They have been making videos in order to show their acting and artistic skills. On one side, the app has revealed some of the very talented people, whereas, on the other hand, a good number of individuals have indulged themselves in producing nonproductive and unnecessary content: For instance, the latest event involving TikToker Adil Rajput, evidently portrayed the idiocy as his wife spread the fake news of his death supposedly to increase followers on TikTok. The craze of using Tiktok has increased to the level where people do not take notice of their actions and the consequence they might have to bear.

Tiktok has a bad influence on some entities that them towards doing inappropriate things under the name of entertainment. The whole purpose behind the app was to engage people in entertaining stuff, but it has become a drug to some people who will post anything to gain likes and followers.

The incident is even making people call for the ban of this app.

Pakistanis contributed their responses in order to express their emotions about the allegedly planned skit. They simply conveyed that it was highly incorrect and unsettling to use such a fact as death to increase followers on an app. This was not worth it and yet TikToker Adil Rajput’s wife did it anyway. This act has left people under the impression of a lie. 

Adil’s wife explained the incident:  

After the viral video about Adil Rajput’s death and his survival, Pakistani public became curious, so, they started trolling and commenting about both husband and wife. In the light of recent events, Adil’s wife made a video in which she explained that it was a misunderstanding, as Adil’s brother Adnan thought Adil Rajput was dead while he was unconscious. His wife thanked those who prayed for his recovery. 

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