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What Monisha Beta Memes Tell about Coming from Middle Class?

Indo-Pak people are breaking the internet by sharing Monisha beta memes that can entertain anyone for hours. The context of jokes would be a great nostalgic trip for those who are familiar with Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. It was a classic Indian drama that aired on STAR Network from 2004 – 2017.

It was the usual Saas-Bahu (mother-in-law & daughter-in-law) clash but with a unique, and comical flavor. The drama had a very refreshing angle for the viewers. This overrated relationship is often shown in very serious and hostile situations in Indian dramas. Anyway, the Saas (Maya) in this drama has high standards and always takes swipes at her daughter-in-law (Monisha) for being simple, which is considered “middle-class” in all accepted societies.

The backstory of these hilarious women increases the charm of these jokes and at the same time mocks the social constructs that human beings have trapped themselves in. Fans of the show are recreating the funny punchlines of Ratna Pathak’s character (Maya) with their own touch of creativity.

This stuff is going more viral than those Am I A Joke to You Memes.

How Did Monisha Beta Memes Become A Storm On Social Media

During the funny arguments, Maya sarcastically advises Monisha to change her middle-class habits. This show was not meant to mock this Middle Class but it did highlight how special is the world’s largest social class.

The similar dialogue can be heard in the clip of funny sitcoms on YouTube.

Monisha Beta Memes- A Way to Save the Details

The creativity in these Monisha beta memes show how timeless those funny dialogues are.

Here is just one word to express the particular state of mind instead of going in such detail.

A simple istg is a short form of I swear to God which is used frequently among the people for no such reason. This meme shows how some things just become a part of daily conversation while they don’t need to.

Well, most of the Monisha Beta memes are about the translation of some English phrases in Urdu or Hindi alternates (not the literal one). One can say that

While one is funnier than the other so not sure how many people will take this advice.

Desi Slangs- A Way to Keep Conversations Entertaining

This meme pays tribute to the legendary Paresh Rawal’s character in the Hera Pheri movie series. 

This is a popular desi phrase that stays with every one their entire life. Overthinking makes the situation more complicated that may lead to failure.

Probably the most famous proverb in Pakistan. Many people who live in other cities and even overseas have heard this one. There is no doubt that there are so many worth seeing places in Lahore to visit.

Speaking of Lahore, how can anyone forget food? Paratha with lassi tastes so delicious that the body starts asking for a nap as soon as it’s finished. But the way few class conscious elites name this food really makes it sound something that belongs to west.

Monisha beta memes also point towards the socio-cultural divide in Pakistan that associates certain things with the people of certain social classes.  

To Not Make Them Sound Too Harsh

Companies Also Jumped The Bandwagon Use This for Promotion

Companies were still engaging with the people during these difficult times; when most of their businesses are down. They are using the same Monisha beta memes to surprise and excite their customers.

Airtel India

Be Cure Fit Gym

Tinder India is asking people to take their relationships seriously by talking about it in English.

Police also shared their advice to stop referring to them as “mamay” (uncle) because it surely hurts their feelings.

Zomato (Indian Restaurant & Takeaway)

Meanwhile What Will be Monisha Thinking?

As everyone is creating their versions of Monisha beta memes:

Memes With Some Deep Meanings

These memes inspire thought despite being used in a funny context. There are a lot of issues surrounding the established society. Not enough steps have been taken to prevent and also stop the current civil unrest. Therefore, it can reach more minds by humorizing them so society can learn from its mistakes,

This tweet explains how neighbours can be annoying by sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong.

This user illuminates the atrocities that happen in guise of different political fundraisers. Money Heist is a famous tv series known for its fascinating characters.

Well, these memes now really talk about something that socialists from educated classes need to consider. In India and Pakistan, most of the Marxists remain busy discussing the deep philosophy of Marx as if they are weighing on their intellectual capacity to do a critique on some eighteenth-century movements. They fail in practice when they miss on the ground realities of those who may not know about Marxism and philosophy that drives it but they are so well versed in the art of calling out the status quo, in their own language.

During the rise of Islamophobia in India, this user educates Indian communities to open their eyes and hearts before their PM pulls another Hitler like he did in Delhi. Fascists are fueled by hate so if Indian citizens would stop feeding them, they would just starve to death.

Speaking of fascists, this meme is targeted at Priyanka Chopra for triggering fascists on the kind of pictures she posts.

Probably the deepest message on the whole trend. It fires at the centuries old tradition of families going to visit families to arrange marriages whereas the children do not even know that their marriage is being fixed.

In the end, all that matters is that developing a tolerance for people different than us will reward in many ways. Middle-class goes through the most diverse experiences of life and in some way these memes pay tribute to the hard work and class struggle in different capacities.

Also what these memes sum up is that the elite in Indo-Pak is more inclined towards western lifestyle. Most of the time, it is not about being rich or enjoying a higher financial status but usually coming from high class is more about identifying oneself with the customs of the west.

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